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In 2016, Air­tel is the fastest net­work and Re­liance Jio, the most con­sis­tent says Kar­tik Chan­drayana, Co-Founder & CEO of TwinPrime. His or­ga­ni­za­tion TwinPrime has re­cently re­leased the State of Mo­bile Per­for­mance Re­port for 2016 H1 that ranks tele­com car­ri­ers across four cat­e­gories of per­for­mance, qual­ity, vari­abil­ity, and cov­er­age. In an email in­ter­view with Voice&Data San Fran­cisco-based Chan­drayana elab­o­rates on method­ol­ogy and tech­nol­ogy used for the pur­pose and shares the find­ings for 2016 H1.

Voice&Data: What is the track­ing method­ol­ogy you have adopted for TwinPrime State of Mo­bile Per­for­mance Re­port for 2016-H1?

For the State of Mo­bile Per­for­mance H1 re­port, we an­a­lyzed over 6 bil­lion data points col­lected from 600 apps with tra c across the hS, In­dia and urope. We tracked more than 1, 00 di er­ent net­work op­er­a­tors to mea­sure their per­for­mance over 2 , , ,SPA, ,SPA-P us, T and Wi i.

hs­ing the Twin Prime SD and our glob­ally hosted Twin Prime ac­cel­er­a­tors, we are able to re­port on ac­tual user ex­pe­ri­ence as mea­sured on the de­vice side while users per­form day-to-day tasks. Our data points are not net­work probes that mea­sure over­all net­work ca­pa­bil­ity, which usu­ally leads to an over­es­ti­ma­tion of the speed that the user ex­pe­ri­ences.

As far as anal­y­sis goes, due to the char­ac­ter­is­tics of mo­bile per­for­mance datasets (such as ex­tremes and skewed dis­tri­bu­tions), we use per­centiles for our anal­y­sis. We have also ex­cluded ac­cel­er­ated tra c, as this would bias the re­sults. Tell us about TwinPrime. What is the fo­cus for TwinPrime?

In­cepted in 201 , Twin Prime is an in­no­va­tor in mo­bile data de­liv­ery op­timi ation soft­ware, pow­ers the fastest way to de­liver con­tent to mo­bile de­vices on both cel­lu­lar and Wi- i net­works. The com­pany s AS tech­nol­ogy utili es an au­to­mated hy­poth­e­sis test­ing in­fra­struc­ture to mit­i­gate im­per­fec­tions and vari­abil­ity in the wire­less last mile by op­timi ing and cus­tomi ing the con­tent de­liv­ery strat­egy ev­ery time a mo­bile app is launched. Twin Prime solves for the in­her­ent volatil­ity and di­ver­sity among de­vices and net­works so com­pa­nies can in­crease user en­gage­ment and build brand a nity. These op­timi ations are con­tent ag­nos­tic, don t rely on caching, com­pres­sion or con­tent mod­i­fi­ca­tion, and en­able Twin Prime cus­tomers to en­gage their users by de­liv­er­ing high qual­ity con­tent, even over se­cure pro­to­cols like ,TTPS. or­tune 00 brands, m-com­merce, so­cial me­dia apps, ad­ver­tis­ing net­works, pub­lish­ers and com­pa­nies of all sizes with a mo­bile pres­ence rely on Twin Prime to con­nect with mil­lions of cus­tomers daily.

Twin Prime is cur­rently work­ing with more than 15 apps and a set of an­other 20 com­pa­nies that are in trial at var­i­ous stages. In 201 , Twin Prime has an­nounced its part­ner­ship with ace­book for its bS­tart ini­tia­tive as the only Mo­bile App Ac­cel­er­a­tion Part­ner. The com­pany is work­ing on the

im­por­tance of fast and re­spon­sive apps on mo­bile de­vices and wit­ness a pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence bet­ter­ing the trans­ac­tion speed es­pe­cially for busi­nesses like Near­buy, Goibibo, Flip­kart, redBus, Clear­trip among oth­ers. It is cru­cial for sec­tors like mcom­merce, travel/tick­et­ing, ho­tel, food de­liv­ery and con­sumer ser­vices among oth­ers.

The com­pany re­ceived a $9.5 mn in Series A fund­ing in March 2015 from top-tier ven­ture firms in­clud­ing DFJ, True Ven­tures, Mil­li­ways Ven­tures and Mo­ment Ven­tures. Voice&Data: Ac­cord­ing to State of Mo­bile Per­for­mance Re­port by Twin Prime, how the car­ri­ers rank across four cat­e­gories of per­for­mance, qual­ity, vari­abil­ity, and cov­er­age. Kar­tik Chan­drayana: If we talk about the car­ri­ers’ rank across all the four cat­e­gories based on per­for­mance, qual­ity, vari­abil­ity and cov­er­age we found Air­tel as the fastest car­rier and Jio is the most con­sis­tent. We traced the specifications: Per­for­mance in terms of speed when down­load­ing static files such as im­ages Per­for­mance vari­abil­ity be­tween the fastest and the av­er­age users Qual­ity of the net­work in terms of net­work re­sponse time LTE Cov­er­age as mea­sured by the like­li­hood that an LTE user will ac­cess an LTE net­work when us­ing an app The re­sults are re­veal­ing. First, we no­tice speeds in the range of 1-2 mbps across the board. Air­tel tops our rank­ings in per­for­mance across 2G, 3G, HSPA, and LTE.

It is also has the high­est qual­ity net­work. Jio, which launched in 2016, is slightly slower than Air­tel, but tops our charts in consistency, which sug­gests that it pro­vides a more uni­form ex­pe­ri­ence for its users. Jio also ranks first in our cov­er­age met­ric, which is some­what ex­pected given that it is a 4G/LTE only net­work.

It is im­por­tant to high­light that these are live per­for­mance num­bers as ex­pe­ri­enced by mo­bile users in In­dia. Static files, such as im­ages, pro­vide a good proxy of net­work per­for­mance, since the back­end serv­ing the im­ages has to per­form a sim­ple mem­ory lookup. We ex­cluded dy­namic files, such as JSON, from our re­sults to avoid cases where slow per­for­mance would be an out­come of slow back­ends.

We mea­sured per­for­mance for all net­works (2G, 3G, HSPA, and LTE) and found that Air­tel is the fastest car­rier across the board. In LTE, Air­tel tops (15% faster than Tata Do­como) fol­lowed by Air­cel and Re­liance at 3rd and 4th slot, and BSNL and JIO trail in 5th and 6th slot. To put this per­for­mance rank­ing into per­spec­tive, it would take on av­er­age 222ms to down­load a 40KB im­age on LTE over Air­tel.

When look­ing at HSPA, Air­tel’s dom­i­nance is un­de­ni­able, mea­sur­ing 24% faster than Voda­fone and 40% faster than third ranked Tata Do­como. Given that HSPA is the most dom­i­nant net­work tech­nol­ogy in the In­dian mar­ket, Air­tel and Voda­fone emerge as the best car­ri­ers (for now) in In­dia. Read high­lights from the re­port in the en­su­ing pages:

— Kar­tik Chan­drayanan, Co-Founder & CEO, TwinPrime

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