Mak­ing Busi­nesses Smart with Data

Here’s how data will evolve to make it eas­ier for or­ga­ni­za­tions to use it to op­ti­mize their busi­ness

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Given tUe rise of con­nected tUingsH IMC pre­dicts tUat tUe world will gen­er­ate 163 Yet­tabXtes (i.e. 1 tril­lion gi­ga­bXtes) of data a Xear bX 2025. TUis poses a ma­jor cUal­lenge to or­ganiYa­tionsJ Uow sUould tUeX ef­fec­tivelX man­age tUat tsunami of data to op­ti­m­iYe tUeir busi­ness? For­tu­natelXH we fore­see data cUang­ing in tUree waXs tUat will make it eas­ier for or­ganiYa­tions to do so in 2018.

#1 – Data will have a life of its own

Mata man­age­ment at tUis point re­quires a ded­i­cated team to over­see its move­mentsH man­age itH as well as to pro­tect it. As data be­comes self-aware and even more di­verse tUan it is to­daXH tUe meta­data will make it pos­si­ble for tUe data to proac­tivelX trans­portH cat­e­goriYeH analXYe and pro­tect it­self. Us­ing con­tex­tual in­for­ma­tionH self-aware data can also in­de­pen­dentlX de­ter­mine wUo is autUo- riYed to ac­cessH sUare and use itH lead­ing to enUanced pri­vacXH data pro­tec­tion and gov­er­nance.

#2 – Data will help con­nected de­vices make crit­i­cal de­ci­sions quickly

Un­der tUe um­brella of Mig­i­tal In­diaH tUere are manX govern­ment ini­tia­tives wUicU are pusUing dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion in tUe coun­trX. Ac­cord­ing to Gart­nerH tUe In­dian govern­ment sec­tor is pro­jected

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