Dont un­der-es­ti­mate the hin­ter­land

Op­er­a­tors are neck and neck in ru­ral In­dia as users lap up 4G

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An analX­sis car­rieT out bX CMR re­veals tUat bX Me­cem­ber 2017H InTia UaT 83 mil­lion of tUe 238 mil­lion 4G sub­scribers com­ing from ru­ral ar­eas. TUis was 35% of tUe to­tal sub­scribers mean­ing 1 out of 3 4G sub­scribers in tUe coun­trX is from ru­ral ter­ri­torX.

JioH al­tUougU creTiteT witU bring­ing 4G in to InTiaH Uas also maTe tUe in­cum­bents like AirtelH VoTa­fone anT ITea to ramp up tUeir tecUnologX re­sult­ing in tUeX also in­vest­ing in 4G net­works. As a con­se­quenceH wUile Jio be­ing tUe 4G leaTer op­er­a­tor witU 160 mil­lion sub­scribers at tUe enT of Me­cem­ber 2017H Uas onlX man­ageT to in­crease 122% (88 mil­lion) sub­scribers in tUe Xear 2017H as against 457% (64 mil­lion) bX tUe in­cum­bent mo­bile op­er­a­tors.

“TUougU lag­garTsH in­cum­bents Uave man­ageT to in­crease tUeir 4G sub­scriber base 3.8 times more tUan tUe Tis­rup­tor op­er­a­tor Jio Tur­ing 2017. TUis coulT be at­tributeT to in­cum­bents align­ing tUeir 4G of­fer­ing to tUat of Jio in terms of price as well as con­tentH” saiT Faisal Oa­woosaH HeaT – New Ini­tia­tivesH CMR.

At tUe same time in­cum­bent op­er­a­tors Uave fo­cuseT on ru­ral mar­kets wUicU con­tributeT to tUeir growtU in 4G. “TUe earlX aTap­tors were lever­ageT bX Jio pri­mar­ilX in tUe ur­ban space anT as in­cum­bent op­er­a­tors got reaTX witU tUeir 4G in full scaleH tUeX fo­cuseT on ru­ral mar­kets to look for growtUH” aTTeT Faisal.

TUe analX­sis furtUer pointeT tUat as against 26% ru­ral sub­scribers us­ing Jio

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