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Never be­fore the coun­try has wit­nessed such a mas­sive farmer’s ag­i­ta­tion as on last June 1. It is planned to go on till 10 June this year. The ag­i­ta­tors are de­mand­ing at least 50 per cent profit on their farm ex­pen­di­tures. They need to get seeds, ir­ri­ga­tion for the crops, tillage to the lands, crop in­sur­ance and proper sys­tem for sell­ing of farm out­puts. Their debts need to be abol­ished also.

All these de­mands are not wrong for the farm­ers and the gov­ern­ment must take all these de­mands into con­sid­er­a­tion. But the farmer lead­ers too need to be prac­ti­cal on this.

The present Mad­hya Pradesh gov­ern­ment and the Ma­ha­rash­tra gov­ern­ment are of­fer­ing var­i­ous fa­cil­i­ties for farm­ers. The farmer’s or­gani - sa­tions should be cour­te­ous to­wards these state gov­ern - ments at least. They should also con­sider the new Kar­nataka gov­ern­ment of HD Ku­mara - swamy’s prom­ise to waive off the farm loans within 24 hours, for which he is now seek­ing more time. If the new gov­ern - ment waives off the to­tal farm loan amount of ` 73,000 crore, the state’s half bud­get amount will be fin­ished. Such prob­lems per­sist with ev­ery state.

Self- es­teem and the pro­tec - tion of the in­ter­ests of the farm­ers should move simul - taneously. To­day, no com­mu­nity is much de­prived as the farm­ers are. Ac­cord­ing to gov­ern­ment data, the av­er­age in­come of farm­ers is only ` 100 a day. Cut­ting leave and ill­ness, they hardly get ` 50 a day. Even, beg­gars in cities col­lect more than this amount ev­ery day.

The mid­dle­men earn three to four times of the farm­ers whose pro­duces they sell in the mar­ket at var­i­ous lev­els. It must be made sys­tem­atic at first. The price cap of the com­modi­ties must be im­ple­mented through­out the coun­try.

But the way farmer’s rep­re­sen­ta­tives are ag­i­tat­ing by pour­ing milk out and throw­ing veg­eta­bles on roads is not a wel­come as they may lose their clean im­age among the com­mon pub­lic. In the in­ter­est of farm­ers, such kind of ag­i­ta­tions is harm­ful. The farm­ers must be united to take help from not only the BJP but other par­ties also.

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