My Fam­ily, My Friends and Me...

Woman's Era - - Short Story -

Mtook ex­ams part and Y young. trav­elled HUS­BAND in had sports, We good, along AND were pre­pared clean the I WERE rebels trod­den fun for BOTH from ca­reers, suit­able path. SIM­I­LAR child­hood While took for WHEN their com­pet­i­tive our and WE age, sib­lings never WERE we both col­lege, fol­lowed made sim­i­lar friends paths with as much we cut older first peo­ple, school and started then smok­ing ci­garettes at 10 and pot at 12 and the like.

I and my fu­ture hus­band met when we were both 13 and soon be­came in­sep­a­ra­ble. Dur­ing our teenage years we gave our par­ents a very tough time, but soon af­ter that, by some twist of fate, we met a sanyasi who caught our imag­i­na­tion and from the ad­vice that he gave us we re­alised that if we wanted to have a good life we needed to study so that we earned the kind of money needed for an af­flu­ent life.

This re­al­i­sa­tion brought about a change in us. We still par­tied and smoked pot, but we also stud­ied – and we dis­cov­ered that we were smart and quick to learn and that ex­ams were a joke! And when we were just a few years older than our sib­lings, we had passed a num­ber of ex­ams and were earn­ing much more than they were!

We be­gan to feel that we were lead­ing a won­der­ful life. We were earn­ing fat salaries that made it pos­si­ble for us to buy prac­ti­cally any­thing we needed or wanted and to have wild dope-filled fun dur­ing week­ends and off days.

But some­thing has hap­pened that has to­tally changed this sce­nario and this is that we have found out that I am preg­nant.

Our first re­ac­tion was that my preg­nancy was a joke and that I should have an abortion the very next day – no big deal be­cause I had al­ready had two. But when the next day dawned – we were both un­able to get up and go to the per­son we knew who per­formed abor­tions. Now two weeks have passed and we are still un­able to!

What does this mean? We think we know – but we are fright­ened!

Yes, this is not a dif­fi­cult rid­dle and both of you are sure to un­der­stand why you can­not face go­ing and hav­ing an abortion. Some in­stinct in you is telling you to pro­tect the em­bryo grow­ing in you – to pro­tect your lit­tle one grow­ing in your womb!

You are scared be­cause it is nat­u­ral to feel scared when some­thing life- chang­ing is go­ing to hap­pen. A baby changes every cou­ple’s life and in your case a baby will change your lives be­yond recog­ni­tion!

The in­abil­ity both of you are feel­ing to abort the baby is proof that both of you want it. But be­fore you de­cide to be­come par­ents, you should see a doc­tor, tell him or her A about com­plete the done will drugs not you your af­fect any med­i­cal you per­ma­nent past the have check-up un­born es­capades both dam­age con­sumed baby to en­sure in and and any have that have that way. they not all If a the should doc­tor abort says the that child. the child The is doc­tor in dan­ger, too you will ad­vise this. In fact, as I am sure you can un­der­stand, you should give up drugs at once and for all. You could also take this as a chance to change your lives and get in touch with both your par­ents and your sib­lings, If you have a child, he or she will def­i­nitely need grand­par­ents and un­cles and aunts!

MY HUS­BAND AND I HAVE JUST ONE DAUGH­TER WHO IS NOW twenty years old. She is in the sec­ond year of col­lege. She has fallen head-over-heels in love with one of the most pop­u­lar, hand­some, bril­liant and charis­matic young men in the col­lege. That young man is a year se­nior to her and she met him when she signed up for var­i­ous co- cur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties. Now she is ob­sessed with this man and is fol­low­ing him around like a lit­tle puppy.

We came to know all this from a nephew of my hus­band who stud­ies in the same col­lege and be­came wor­ried about my daugh­ter. He warned her that her ob­ses­sion with that stu­dent would get her nowhere, but when she re­fused to pay any at­ten­tion to his warn­ings, he came to us.

When we talked to our daugh­ter about what her cousin had told us, she was open about her feel­ings for this young man. She told us that she could not live with­out him and that she knew that he would never love her. “But I’ll al­ways love him and serve him like a slave!” she told us.

That was three months ago and our daugh­ter is do­ing as she said she would. She barely at­tends classes and that boy is tak­ing ad­van­tage of her in every pos­si­ble way. He treats her with­out any re­spect and I will not be sur­prised if he is mak­ing her his sex slave too.

My hus­band and I are wor­ried out of our minds. What can we do?

Your daugh­ter needs psy­cho­log­i­cal help be­cause her be­hav­iour is cer­tainly not nor­mal. She needs to see a psy­chi­a­trist or coun­sel­lor but she’ll prob­a­bly not agree to go and con­sult one be­cause she will not agree that there is any­thing wrong with her. But you must con­vince her in some way or the other.

She also needs to change her col­lege. You could also speak to the young man con­cerned (or you could ask your nephew to speak to him) and ex­plain to him that your daugh­ter’s be­hav­iour is not nor­mal and that she needs help that only he can give her.

You could then ex­plain to him that he needs to talk to your daugh­ter and tell her that she needs to for­get him and get on with her life.

It may take time but with help, your daugh­ter will get over her ob­ses­sion with this rc­man and get on with her life.

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