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Ev­ery girl loves be­ing ad­mired and cared about. She loves the at­ten­tion she re­ceives from peo­ple. There are a few sim­ple tricks which would make any man on whom you set your eyes fall in love with you.

Be your­self: One should al­ways be one’s real self. The per­son should ac­cept you for who you are not what they want you to be. Once you are your real self you will re­alise your com­mon in­ter­ests and slowly and steadily a mu­tual lik­ing would start to de­velop.

Make eye con­tact: Al­ways make an eye con­tact while talk­ing. This makes the other per­son feel spe­cial and that you are com­pletely en­grossed in what­ever they are telling you. The eye con­tact even builds a rap­port psy­cho­log­i­cally. It gives an in­di­vid­ual a feel­ing of trust and com­fort.

Wear clothes which en­hance your

fig­ure and beauty: Wear clothes that en­hance your fig­ure. This would make you look even more at­trac­tive and pretty. In case you are on the heav­ier side you can wear loose cloth­ing which would hide the bulges and make you look thin­ner. In case one is on the leaner side, one can wear fig­ure-hug­ging clothes to get the fo­cus on one’s curves.

Make him feel spe­cial: Al­ways be there in time of need. Be there for his birth­day or his sad days. This would give him a sense of com­fort and re­li­a­bil­ity with you. He would feel that you re­ally do care about his emo­tions and love him a lot. Sur­prise him with gifts or out­ings at times and he would in­stantly fall in love with you.

Be an strong in­de­pen­dent

woman: Men like it when women can stand up for them­selves and fight their own wars. No one wants a part­ner who piggy-backs on them. You should al­ways ex­press your ideas and de­sires. This will help him know your strong and bold side.

Know when to make your­self

un­avail­able: At times women have to make them­selves un­avail­able to the man whom they love be­cause this helps the man know their worth. It makes the man re­alise what would hap­pen to him if you are not there with them.

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