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Tea is some­thing every other In­dian loves. When we wake up in the morn­ing, it’s the first thing that we need to re­fresh our mind and body. Tea has be­come a part of our dis­cus­sions, gos­sip cul­ture and a house­hold tra­di­tion in al­most every home in In­dia. Be it sum­mer, win­ter, rainy or spring, a cup of hot tea with a plate of snacks, is just ir­re­sistible. With hu­mon­gous types of brands and flavours of tea avail­able in the mar­ket, it be­comes a tough task to de­cide which one is the best.

When it comes to the safest and the tasti­est choice, it makes sense to go for the or­ganic choice. The main rea­son be­hind is that or­ganic tea is free of syn­thetic fer­tilis­ers, her­bi­cides, and pes­ti­cides. It main­tains the in­tegrity of the food, pre­serve eco­log­i­cal har­mony and pro­mote bio­di­ver­sity. Or­ganic tea farm­ing prac­tices don’t rely on syn­thetic pes­ti­cides and fer­tilis­ers to main­tain a high yield.

Syn­thetic pes­ti­cides are known to pose sig­nif­i­cant, ac­knowl­edged health risks to peo­ple. Some of them in­clude birth de­fects, dam­age to the ner­vous sys­tem; dis­rup­tion of hor­mones and en­docrine sys­tems; res­pi­ra­tory dis­or­ders; skin and eye ir­ri­ta­tions; and var­i­ous types of can­cers. Not just that, syn­thetic fer­tilis­ers play a ma­jor role in con­tam­i­nat­ing the en­vi­ron­ment. In ad­di­tion, pes­ti­cide use re­duces bio­di­ver­sity, re­duces ni­tro­gen fix­a­tion, con­trib­utes to pol­li­na­tor de­cline, de­stroys habi­tat (es­pe­cially for birds), and threat­ens en­dan­gered species. Her­bi­cides have also been as­so­ci­ated with cer­tain can­cers and Parkin­son’s Dis­ease.

Its agri­cul­ture sus­tains the health of soils, ecosys­tems and peo­ple. Or­ganic tea farm­ing re­lies heav­ily on the nat­u­ral break­down of or­ganic mat­ter, us­ing tech­niques like green ma­nure and com­post­ing, to re­place nu­tri­ents taken from the soil by pre­vi­ous crops. Or­ganic tea agri­cul­ture com­bines tra­di­tion, in­no­va­tion and sci­ence to ben­e­fit the shared en­vi­ron­ment and pro­mote fair re­la­tion­ships and a good qual­ity of life each and healthy per­sonal in­volved.

Top 4 rea­sons to switch to

Or­ganic Tea

1. It tastes bet­ter - Many peo­ple hes­i­tate in switch­ing to or­ganic tea as they are ap­pre­hen­sive that it might not taste as good as reg­u­lar tea. Be­cause no syn­thetic fer­tilis­ers or chem­i­cals are used to grow or­ganic tea, its nat­u­ral, de­li­cious flavours shine through read­ily. Why? Be­cause the chem­i­cals mask the leaves and their nat­u­ral flavour and some­times im­part their flavour as well. If you've ever tasted a spe­cially crafted or­ganic tea, you al­ready know that the taste is far su­pe­rior to oth­ers. It has unique flavours and pro­vides drinkers with a truly amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

2. It keeps you healthy - Or­ganic tea will en­sure that you don’t build up tox­ins within your sys­tem, in­creas­ing your im­mu­nity. When you drink or­ganic tea, you will be pro­vid­ing your body with an­tiox­i­dants which helps in keep­ing you healthy by com­bat­ing the ef­fects of free rad­i­cals. From the farm­ers work­ing on the pro­duc­tion of or­ganic tea to the peo­ple con­sum­ing it, all are ben­e­fited from the be­gin­ning to the end.

3. It’s bet­ter for the en­vi­ron­ment- Apart from or­ganic grown tea be­ing bet­ter for your own health and well-be­ing, it's im­por­tant to note that it's much bet­ter for the en­vi­ron­ment too. It is sus­tain­able and nur­tures the natur al bio­di­ver­sity and struc­ture within its soils and sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ment, while also re­duc­ing the use of non-re­new­able re­sources.

4. It is good for the teeth- Out of the many ben­e­fits of or­gan­i­cally grown tea, this one may be the most sur­pris­ing. Tea plants eas­ily pull es­sen­tial flu­o­ride from the soil and flu­o­ride is used in mouth­washes and tooth­paste to make the teeth stronger and health­ier.reg­u­larly drink­ing or­ganic tea can pro­tect against cav­i­ties, gum dis­ease and bad breath.

If you’re look­ing for a drink that will be a real thirst quencher and at the same time, you want some­thing to keep you healthy - Or­ganic Tea is the way to go.eat­ing and drink­ing or­ganic is a way of life. By in­clud­ing or­ganic tea in your diet, you are con­tribut­ing to the long-term health and vi­tal­ity of both Mother Na­ture and your own body. Or­ganic Tea is free of all the syn­thetic chem­i­cals. When you buy or­ganic tea, you are in­vest­ing in good health, a bet­ter tea and a bet­ter earth! So, are you ready to re­place non-or­ganic tea with or­ganic tea?

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