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Our skin start age­ing from the late 20s but it’s ef­fects be­come more ap­par­ent as we age. Col­la­gen and elastin are the two ma­jor pro­teins that are the ba­sis of cell struc­ture which make skin elas­tic, sup­ple and youth­ful. With time, th­ese pro­teins start de­plet­ing lead­ing to the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles, lines and deep fur­rows on the face, fore­head, neck and back of the hands.

Al­though there are sev­eral home reme­dies and anti-age­ing tips to fight all signs of age­ing with­out spend­ing a dime. It is best to opt for time-tested home reme­dies that are not only ef­fec­tive, but also safe with no side-ef­fects.


Olive oil: One of the most ef­fec­tive nat­u­ral oils that help in fight­ing wrin­kles and fine lines and tight­en­ing sag­ging skin, olive oil is a rich source of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and nat­u­ral fatty acids that nour­ishes the skin be­cause it is read­ily ab­sorbed by the skin pores.

How to ap­ply: Pour a few drops of vir­gin olive oil in your palm and ap­ply on the clean face and neck us­ing a soft cir­cu­lar mo­tion. Wash off with wa­ter in the morn­ing.

Al­loe vera: Al­loe vera func­tions as an ef­fec­tive nat­u­ral rem­edy for pim­ples and acne and re­duces ex­ces­sive oili­ness of skin.

How to ap­ply: Cut off a leaf from the plant and scrape out the gel. Ap­ply on a clean face, mas­sage for 5 to 10 min­utes in a soft cir­cu­lar mo­tion. Let it stay for 20 min­utes and wash off with warm wa­ter.

Fenu­greek: They are a rich source of vi­ta­min B3 and niacin that helps in re­cov­er­ing the dam­aged skin cells and pro­motes the re­gen­er­a­tion of new cells and tis­sues that help in light­en­ing age-spots, hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion, wrin­kles, fine lines and crow’s feet that form on the fore­head, at cor­ner of eyes and lips.

How to ap­ply: Grind a hand­ful of fenu­greek seeds to form a thick paste. Add a tea­spoon of honey to it, mix well and ap­ply on the face and neck. Let it stay for one hour and wash off with wa­ter.

Egg whites: Ap­ply­ing egg white mask is an easy and ef­fec­tive way of light­en­ing wrin­kles and fine­ing a rich source of pro­teins, potas­sium, man­ganecium and ri­boflavin, it aids tis­sue re­pair, hy­drates and neu­tralises the dam­age caused by free ret­i­cles and ox­ida­tive stress – two of the chief rea­sons for pre­ma­ture skin age­ing.

How to ap­ply: Break an egg and sep­a­rate the egg yolk care­fully. Ap­ply the egg white evenly on the face, let it dry for 15 min­utes and wash off with wa­ter.

Ba­nana: A ba­nana is loaded with skin ben­e­fit­ting nu­tri­ents such as potas­sium and vi­ta­mins B, C and E, that makes it a com­plete rem­edy for all skin prob­lems. It helps in hy­drat­ing and mois­tur­is­ing dry skin, im­prov­ing col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, skin elas­tic­ity and sup­ple­ness and fight­ing the dam­age-caus­ing free ret­i­cle and ox­ida­tive stress to pro­vide a flaw­less and younger look­ing skin and adds a healthy glow to it.

How to ap­ply: Mash two ripe bananas to form a smooth paste, ap­ply it evenly on a clean face and let it stay for 30 min­utes, wash off thor­oughly with wa­ter and ap­ply mois­turiser.

Honey: Rich in vi­ta­min B and potas­sium honey is the best nour­ish­ment for dry skin that helps in keep­ing skin hy­drated by pre­vent­ing mois­ture loss. It ex­fo­li­ates skin to re­move dead cells and pro­motes the re­gen­er­a­tion of new cells.

How to ap­ply: Take a tea­spoon of pure honey on your palm and ap­ply it on your clean face us­ing a soft cir­cu­lar mo­tion. Let it stay for 20 min­utes and wash off with cold wa­ter.

Go herbal: A unique for­mu­la­tion of nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents that in­cludes neroli, man­jishtha, ash­wa­gandha, and ve­tiver will help re­store your skin to a much younger look nat­u­rally.

Man­jishtha is known for fight­ing un­even skin pig­men­ta­tion. It’s cool­ing prop­er­ties re­ju­ve­nate the skin and help re­store its bright­ness.

Ve­tiver loaded with the good­ness of an­tiox­i­dants: Ve­tiver pro­motes cell re­gen­er­a­tion. It fights fine lines, wrin­kles and helps cells re­gain their lost elas­tic­ity

Neroli able to re­vive your skin at the cel­lu­lar level, Neroli di­min­ishes signs of age­ing like wrin­kles and scars. It also shields your skin from dry­ness and keeps it re­ju­ve­natea.

Ash­wa­gandha is of­ten called the In­dian gin­seng due to its mag­i­cal re­ju­ve­nat­ing pow­ers

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