6th month mile­stones

Woman's Era - - Editorial -

Your baby´s cry­ing in the night will de­crease and she will let you sleep longer in the night. She will start laugh­ing and you will en­joy her pleas­ant gig­gling re­ac­tions on tick­ling or peek-a-boo. Her bab­bling will im­prove and can sound louder.

She might dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween bright colours some­what. She can mimic you bet­ter and recog­nise sounds and move­ments more eas­ily and her eyes fol­low the di­rec­tion of sound or move­ments.

She may start rolling from tummy to her back and push­ing on her elbows. She may start bring­ing her hands to her mouth and feel the ob­ject and even teething. She might try to reach, grab and drool on ob­jects / toys she gets in her hand.

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