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Ap­pro­pos the short story First-born in WESeptem­ber- II by Stan Ageira, Mulki. The story re­volv­ing around un­easy re­la­tion­ship ex­ist­ing be­tween the fa­ther and his first-born son told in sim­ple and lu­cid style made in­ter­est­ing read. The first-born son Leslie like ev­ery other in­di­vid­ual com­mits a sim­ple mis­take out of cu­rios­ity which later proves a turn­ing point in his life af­ter his fa­ther in an emo­tional out­burst beats him black and blue thus forc­ing Leslie to flee his home, never to re­turn.

The story out­lines that com­mit­ting mis­takes is a part and par­cel of life, mis­takes are bound to oc­cur at one time or the other in­ten­tion­ally or oth­er­wise. In such a sit­u­a­tion, neg­a­tiv­ity is a big turn-off and re­me­dial ac­tion and mov­ing ahead is the ideal so­lu­tion. Though Leslie com­mit­ted a sim­ple mis­take is a fact, it is his fa­ther's neg­a­tive emo­tions and a mis­step not only drove Leslie to lose in­ter­est in stud­ies and lead a way­ward life dull but also ul­ti­mately forced him to run away from home with a heavy heart.

The moral of the story is that pos­i­tive emo­tions al­ways pays rich div­i­dends, con­trast­ingly one wrong move would end in fail­ure and re­pen­tance. Leslie's fa­ther on his fifti­eth wed­ding an­niver­sary re­fresh­ing his mem­ory re­pents for los­ing his first-born Leslie for ever due to a poor judg­ment. Thanks for pub­lish­ing good sto­ries and ar­ti­cles fo­cus­ing on to shun neg­a­tiv­ity and adopt pos­i­tiv­ity as a way of life.

– R. Srini­vasan, Se­cun­der­abad.


Never Say Neg­a­tively About Your Spouse ... by Dr Rumy Ag­gar­wal (Septem­ber II) was highly ad­mirable and rec­om­mended for to­day's gen­er­a­tion. Hus­band wives do have is­sues but crit­i­cis­ing your spouse in front of oth­ers some­times wors­ens the sit­u­a­tion. Peo­ple rather than giv­ing good ad­vice get a topic of gos­sip and love to spread and share with oth­ers. In work place also ad­van­tage of this sit­u­a­tion can be taken.

Rather than crit­i­cis­ing the cou­ple should dis­cuss calmly about the things that an­noy them and be­lieve in har­mony. Ad­vice of el­ders can be taken and fol­lowed wisely. Mar­riages are made in heaven but main­tained on Earth. Sooner or later one re­alises his or her’s mis­takes and re­grets. Mostly the prob­lem among cou­ples are self cre­ated caused by


The ar­ti­cle Post Plas­tic Ban Look For Suit­able Al­ter­na­tive. A great open­ing for bam­boo too! By C. K. Subra­ma­niam of Septem­ber I 2018 in WE is an eye opener in­for­ma­tive en­ter­tain­ing and suit­able al­ter­na­tive for plas­tics the ban on plas­tic bags that sev­eral lo­cal bod­ies in the coun­try im­ple­meates at var­i­ous stages has fallen flat so far pri­mar­ily due to faulty im­ple­men­ta­tion says the writer.

Se­condly, the non- avail­abil­ity of fea­si­ble al­ter­na­tives has been dis­suad­ing ad­min­is­tra­tors for opt­ing for a com­plete ban, cloth is the next choice, though the non wo­ven bag that pass off as a cloth bags in most shops these days are equally or even more dan­ger­ous than plas­tic bags. He fur­ther said, plas­tic bags play a neg­a­tive role in chok­ing the dran­age sys­tem re- use old poly­thene bags. im­ma­tu­rity. Life is in­com­plete with out a part­ner. Any spouse will be deeply hurt if his or her part­ner crit­i­cises them.

There might be good qual­i­ties in ei­ther spouse that must have been over­looked. Rather than giv­ing em­pha­sis on neg­a­tive qual­i­ties give im­por­tance to pos­i­tive and good qual­i­ties of your spouse. Don't de­stroy your heaven by in­trud­ing a third per­son. – Julie Kalra, New Delhi.


It's All About Pas­sion' Septem­ber I is­sue was a ' pleas­ant read' show­ing how woman of to­day are en­ter pruned and strive hard to make their pas­sion a 're­al­ity'. In this ar­ti­cle both Nisha and her hus­band Prashant re­veal­ing the pos­i­tive side of our coun­try to the global world, shows their ' pa­tri­o­tism' for our coun­try, Make sure you do not burn poly­thene bags as they cause a lot of pol­lu­tion.

Though paper is the first op­tion it can­not be counted as an en­v­i­ron - ment friendly op­tion con­sid­er­ing the large scale de­struc­tion of trees for paper pulp and also be­cause they can­not hold much weight.

The third op­tion is biodegrad­able plas­tic that comes in sev­eral vari­aties. There are starch-based bio­plas­tics that are sol­u­ble in hot wa­ter. Bam­boo is one of the largest mem­bers of the grass. Fi­nally Bam­boo is also used for culi­nary and medic­i­nal pur­poses, fur­ni­ture, tex­tile etc.

Bam­boo is the best eco- friendly prod­ucts in the world which cleans the en­vi­ron­ment and with no pol­lu­tion. With lean­ing of plas­tic and plas­tic made items, bam­boo can be­come a suit­able sub­sti­tute to over­come the ban on plas­tic very much. An­thony San­ders, Mum­bai.

which is sure to at­tract view­ers world wide and in­spire them to visit 'In­cred­i­ble 'In­dia and learn our rich cul­ture and her­itage. Mr Pras­anth him­self sweep­ing the streets be­fore tak­ing the travel shoot, shows his ' mag­na­nim­ity' in pre­sent­ing the tourist spots as ' the best' as clean­li­ness of a place at­tracts a per­son to visit the place, more than its con­struc­tion. – Preetha Ren­gaswamy, Chen­nai. DEL­I­CATE HAN­DLING

This has ref­er­ence to the ar­ti­cle (al­though shorts) Is He Ig­nor­ing

Me? by Mal­lika Chugh pub­lished in the Au­gust II edi­tion of Woman’s Era. When a part­ner ig­nores the other one it means that some mis­un­der­stand­ing has crept into the re­la­tion­ship. This is a very del­i­cate sit­u­a­tion which needs a del­i­cate han­dling by both the part­ners. We are liv­ing in a changed at­mos­phere and lead­ing a stress­ful life style. There is a paucity of time on the part of the make part­ner to spane am­ple time for his lady love. This should not bother the fe­male part­ner. In­stead she should try to delve deep into the sit­u­a­tions and han­dle this dry pe­riod with ut­most alacrity and sen­si­bil­ity.

Need­less to say that it needs a healthy un­der­stand­ing be­tween the two love- birds to grow their wings and fly into the blessed hori­zon of love. – Jyothiran­jan Biswal, Odisha.


Ap­pro­pos to the ed­i­to­rial dated June II in WE en­ti­tled Farm­ers in Need of Help and Op­port uni­ties Coali -

tion in fu­ture! Never be­fore the coun­try has wit­nessed such a mas­sive farmer’s ag­i­ta­tion as on June 1st. It was planned to go on till 10 June this year. Their de­mands were 50 per cent on their farm ex­pen­di­tures they need to get seeds ir­ri­ga­tion for the crop, crop in­sur­ance and proper sys­tem for sell­ing of farm out­puts. Their debts need to be abol­ished also.

All these de­mands are not wrong for the farm­ers and the govern­ment must take all these de­mands into con­sid­er­a­tion. Self es­teem and the pro­tec­tion of the in­ter­ests of the farm­ers should move to­gether.

To­day no com­mu­nity is much de­prived as the farm­ers are. Ac­cord­ing to gov­er­ment data, the av­er­age in­come of farm­ers is only

` 100 a day cut­ting leave and ill­ness they hardly get ` 50 a day. Even beg­gars is cities col­lect more than this amount ev­ery day. The mid­dle men earn three four lives of the farm­ers whose pro­duce they sell in the mar­ket at var­i­ous lev­els.

The way farm­ers rep­re­sen­ta­tives are ag­i­tat­ing by pour­ing milk out and throw­ing veg­eta­bles on roads is not wel­come as they lose their clean image among the com­mon pub­lic on the in­ter­est of farm­ers, such kind of ag­i­ta­tion is harm­ful the farm­ers must be united to take help from not only the BJP but other par­ties also. – An­thony San­ders, Mum­bai. The prize is awarded to: An­thony San­ders, Mum­bai.

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