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Com­ing to the lat­est move by Supreme Court re­gard­ing the dowry sys­tem, there are no pro­vi­sions to stop mis­use of this law by the po­lice and by the women (by mak­ing a false com­plaint). Should the af­fected man go for quash­ing of the FIR only af­ter be­ing ar­rested and re­manded ? What if he is proven not­guilty? Won't the ar­rest and re­mand qual­ify as il­le­gal de­ten­tion?

In my opin­ion, an FIR shouldn't be nor­mally filed. The hus­band should be given a chance to con­test his side be­fore get­ting ar­rested.

“There should be gen­der jus­tice for women as dowry has a chill­ing ef­fect on mar­riage on the one hand and on the other, there is right to life and per­sonal lib­erty of the man," the bench had said while re­serv­ing its ver­dict. The plea also sug­gested that out of the three mem­bers in fam­ily wel­fare com­mit­tees, at least two of them should be women and one should have Masters in so­cial work. It had also sug­gested record­ing of facts at the time of coun­selling and con­sid­er­ing eco­nomic sta­tus of the par­ties con­test­ing the case.


Mak­ing in­stant Triple Talaq a crim­i­nal of­fence is def­i­nitely a wel­come de­ci­sion and a boon to women who have been strug­gling this men­ace since time im­memo­rial in a male dom­i­nated so­ci­ety. Congress, BSP and TC should def­i­nitely sup­port this in Ra­jya Sabha and al­low this or­di­nance to be­come a law.

With the or­di­nance, the govern­ment has cleared the decks and crim­i­nalised the act of pro­nounc­ing triple talaq, declar­ing it void and il­le­gal. Any Mus­lim man now con­victed of the same could at­tract a three-year jail term and a fine.

The new law, how­ever, has safe­guards, in­clud­ing the pro­vi­sion for bail to an ac­cused be­fore the start of the trial. En­abling the hus­band to get bail be­fore trial through court is also an­other wel­come mea­sure.

It is a right step in the right di­rec­tion and ex­ploita­tion of In­dian Mus­lim girls must come down.

One can’t deny that it is a nice move by the Union cabi­net to pro­tect the dig­nity of Mus­lim ladies who of­ten got harassed men­tally and phys­i­cally by such in­stant prac­tises. Let’s hope that all po­lit­i­cal par­ties rise above pol­i­tics and dis­pense jus­tice to these women.

Much ado about noth­ing. All that it needs is a uni­ver­sal law say­ing that di­vorce can only be granted by the ju­di­cial sys­tem and in no other way.if some­one re­ally wants to get sep­a­rated or di­vorce his wife, he can go through the proper pro­ce­dures of di­vorce.

It seems like our politi­cians have a habit of crim­i­nal­is­ing ev­ery­thing in­stead of mak­ing rea­son­able laws and let­ting the so­ci­ety heal it­self. If the Is­lamic women don't want this re­lief, they can come out in the open and re­ject the of­fer?


In the lighter vie, the # Metoo cam­paigns spells a dis­as­ter for the on­go­ing love af­fairs and the ex­tra­mar­i­tal af­fairs. Women in the af­fair will al­ways have an edge here since they don't have to go to the court. On the other side, men will have to stop seek­ing women, as is widely pub­li­cised in each of the dat­ing sites all across the world. So why do women sign up here is they don't want to cop­u­late while the date is on.

Al­though the stigma of get­ting on the # Metoo strikes both the sides. Even the fe­male gets the brunt of the so­ci­ety, hence to think that its one sided is a folly. She also ex­poses her­self to the fa­tal­ity of the so­cial stigma which comes for the man. Men in any case are branded. Its well known that they will ap­proach any women and more so a will­ing women. So that's no big deal. But for the woman to come out and ex­press her­self also lands her in to some trou­ble later in the ca­reer, at home and with the friends.

Surely her cur­rent boyfriend will have to be care­ful for the want of the woman not go­ing that ex­tra last mile, on the date which fun­da­men­tally should be a ro­man­tic in­ter­lude.

Surely, the #Metoo is ex­plor­ing the emo­tions of a very small group of women. Maybe it’s their ca­reers or per­sonal lives which are at stake but no mat­ter what it takes a lot of guts to speak out and they should be hailed as he­roes.

The #Metoo move­ment is what the read­ers and view­ers need to watch. A no­tice is gen­er­ally sent by the ag­grieved party ( men or man) to the al­leger and then the court rounds be­gin. In a coun­try like In­dia where any in­ves­ti­ga­tion and judge­ment takes a very long time, jus­tice de­layed will usu­ally be jus­tice de­nied. How­ever, it seems to be a great fo­rum for those whose in­ten­tions and pri­vacy were both breached.

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