The grand fes­ti­val of Di­wali is al­most here! Not sure about your Di­wali plans? Donʼt worry, weʼve got you cov­ered! Here are a few sug­ges­tions for a mem­o­rable Di­wali!

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The times of fes­tiv­i­ties are back. It’s the time to clean and re­dec­o­rate the house along with hav­ing some fun time with friends and fam­ily. Di­wali, which sym­bol­ises as the vic­tory of good over evil and is the most pop­u­lar fes­ti­vals of Hin­dus which is cel­e­brated all over In­dia. The fes­tiv­i­ties typ­i­cally start a month in ad­vance with the ad­vent of Navra­tri a fes­ti­val of 10 days lead­ing up to Di­wali. Most of all it’s the time to spend time with our spe­cial ones. Here are five ideas that would really en­sure some­thing tra­di­tional, yet orig­i­nal, to do this sea­son.

Di­wali party

A Di­wali party is al­ways the best part of Di­wali as you get to have fun with your fam­ily and friends. The best way to spread the aura of hap­pi­ness that glows with light is to throw a Di­wali party. The per­fect venue where one can en­joy the fun of the party is at home. A Di­wali party is a per­fect time to ex­plore the fun side of your part­ner and en­joy your time to­gether the com­fort of your home. For ar­rang­ing an ideal party that beams with joy and light at home we have to con­sider a few points while plan­ning:

Ar­rang­ing decor: Tra­di­tional decor would suit a fes­ti­val party. The house can be dec­o­rated with marigold flow­ers which are eas­ily avail­able in the sea­son. Adding candles, oil lamps and elec­tric lights to our decor rep­re­sents light and life, which is the true spirit of the fes­ti­val. A nice tra­di­tional ran­goli at the doorstep adds to the flavour.

Plan­ning a menu: Food is ar­guably the soul of any party. This most im­por­tant com­po­nent should be planned ac­cord­ing to the taste of the guests. How­ever, we must re­mem­ber that tra­di­tional dishes that are closely as­so­ci­ated with the fes­ti­val should be part of the ma­jor part of the menu. The food is in­com­plete with­out our tra­di­tional In­dian sweets.

Mak­ing a guest list: First and fore­most con­sider the num­ber of peo­ple that may be ac­com­mo­dated at one time into your home then ac­cord­ingly plan the guests. If you are invit­ing fam­i­lies in­vite the ones that are most com­pat­i­ble with each other.

Send­ing in­vi­ta­tions: Make sure to send the in­vi­ta­tions well in ad­vance so that your guests have am­ple time to plan. The in­vites can be ei­ther dig­i­tal or hand writ­ten but just en­sure that they are el­e­gantly de­signed and it con­tains all the in­for­ma­tion like the venue, date, time etc. Con­firm their at­ten­dance by at least speak­ing to your guests once ei­ther per­son­ally or tele­phon­i­cally. You’ll be get­ting your RSVPS in no time!

Fam­ily time

Fes­ti­vals are best cel­e­brated with fam­ily. Di­wali is the best time to spend time with fam­ily and loved ones. It is an amaz­ing time to in­vite your fam­ily and your part­ner’s


fam­ily to re-con­nect and have a good fam­ily time. While plan­ning a fam­ily get to­gether you have to con­sider the likes and dis­likes of the fam­ily mem­bers. En­sure a cor­dial at­mos­phere. Com­fort of the elders and chil­dren of the fam­ily should be given due im­por­tance. Food and drinks should be planned as per your fam­ily val­ues and food habits of the fam­ily. Ar­range for some gifts to be ex­changed. Gifts can be made more at­trac­tive by pack­ing them beau­ti­fully.

Stand out in your tra­di­tional wear

It is the per­fect time to wear one’s tra­di­tional at­tire which has been in the wardrobe for­ever. One can show one’s beauty in one’s most tra­di­tional dresses and make a style state­ment. One can opt for dresses like suits, lehen­gas or fu­sions be­tween tra­di­tional and western at­tire. The only thing one has to con­sider is that the dress that one wears should be com­fort­able. It also has to be car­ried well. One should not play with fire wear­ing long flow­ing dresses. Try the tra­di­tional make-up and hairdo with the tra­di­tional dresses. Also wear the jew­ellery ac­cord­ingly.

Spend the spe­cial time un­der those beau­ti­ful lights:

If you are not with your ex­tended fam­ily this Di­wali don’t worry. The two of you can have as much fun be­ing with each other this Di­wali. Since this fes­ti­val is quite lit­er­ally about shin­ing bright, the pres­ence of light is a must which lights you up both phys­i­cally and spir­i­tu­ally. Spend­ing time with your loved one un­der the dim lights is beau­ti­ful and ro­man­tic. One can dec­o­rate the room with fairy lights and lamps to cre­ate the warm dim aura of the room. One can or­der good food and watch a movie in the bed with the cosy dim light­ing dec­o­ra­tion af­ter a quite puja at home.

A ro­man­tic drive un­der the sparkling fire-crack­ers in the sky

Beau­ti­ful fire-crack­ers light up the sky dur­ing Di­wali. They leave ev­ery­one mes­merised with their beauty. The brightly dec­o­rated streets and mar­kets ra­di­ate the fes­tive aura. In to­tal it gen­er­ates a fairy-tale look. One could go on a long drive where many fire-crack­ers are be­ing fired up. This would give a ro­man­tic touch and a feel­ing of love with your part­ner. This would give one the spe­cial time with their loved one dur­ing th­ese fes­tiv­i­ties.

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