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Pixie cut: Not ev­ery woman can pull this look off, but if you have the guts and the right face shape, this look can in­stantly take years off of your ap­pear­ance. Pixie cuts have a nat­u­rally youth­ful vibe, mak­ing them a great choice if you are look­ing to change your look dra­mat­i­cally. They are per­fect for the older woman who has not lost her en­ergy and pas­sion for youth­ful style.

Long bob hair­style: Roughly part the hair in the mid­dle and try to keep your hair loose and tex­tured. This style will not only be more flat­ter­ing but will give the ap­pear­ance of thicker hair too. A short an­gled bob is more play­ful than a clas­sic cut. Adding a fringe will give a gen­tle touch to your look, soften your fea­tures and frame your face. Make sure your style stays sleek by run­ning a good cream through your locks be­fore blow dry­ing.

Messy bob or bun: Stiff and even cut hair­styles are a thing of the past. So feel free to mess up your hair! The best thing about this look is that it is easy to do. If you want to keep your hair short, opt for a tex­tured bob with un­even edges. A looser, edgier cut not only makes you look younger, but it also adds vol­ume to your hair.

For a fun and youth­ful hair­style, try out a messy bun. If you like to go with the messy look, take out a few strands from the bun to show on your face.

The re­sult is that you will look more beau­ti­ful and dainty. Just make sure you style it high be­cause low buns can make you look older. The vol­ume of hair gets added at the top of your head due to high buns, which is just ideal for thin­ning hair. For a care­free look, you could add a braid or, for a for­mal look, you can wrap some hair around the bun. The op­tions are end­less! Short cropped un­sym­met­ri­cal hair­style:

Cropped hair can give a dis­ap­prov­ing look against skin which is ma­ture. Ap­pear pleas­ing and knock years off by adding some shaggy lay­ers and a side-swept fringe. This look works best on straight hair, so com­bat frizz and fly­away ends with anti-frizz cream.

Shoul­der-length lay­ers: For hair that is straight or wavy, flowy lay­ers that hit around the col­lar­bone are per­fect to soften the face. Lay­ers add move­ment and depth to your hair, mak­ing it look thicker and fuller. How­ever, be­ware of this style if your hair is very curly. Medium length hair styles with lay­ers are the best op­tion to add vol­ume and life to your hair.

Sub­tle high­lights: Some­times, just sub­tly chang­ing the colour of your hair can be a quick and easy trick to look younger. If you feel your hair is start­ing to feel a bit dull, but are not sure what to change, switch up the colour. Light­en­ing your hair a shade or two from its base colour is more flat­ter­ing as we age. Opt for warm high­lights to add di­men­sion and youth to your hair. Ask for high­lights at the front, where the sun nat­u­rally light­ens your tresses. This will add light to your smile and move­ment; and depth to your hair. You could even throw in a long fringe for in­stant Bo­tox!

Bangs bangs: Thick hair can take ages off your face. On the other hand thin bangs can make you look older. Hav­ing these on a small sec­tion of hair frame your face, soft­ens your look and gives a youth­ful ap­pear­ance. They look equally nice with an updo or with tou­sled waves.

Off-cen­tre bun: This is a great way to wear an updo with­out look­ing too put-to­gether. Gather your hair in a low bun, an­gling it to the side of your head op­po­site your part­ing. Pull out some ringlets of hair around your face. This will make you look per­fectly chic!

Half-up, half down: Pull half of your hair back – ei­ther tie or clip it, to frame your face and make it look softer. This style looks best with soft waves – too straight or too curly can look harsh. If you want to look ex­tra trendy, you can also try a half-bun, which is the rage right now.

Deep side part: Hair parted down the cen­tre can look very harsh and se­vere. Switch it by part­ing your hair on the side, prefer­ably with some soft, un­done waves. The re­sult­ing look is one that is ef­fort­lessly youth­ful.

Loose waves: In­stead of curl­ing your hair to per­fec­tion, opt for a tou­sled, beachy look that is more fun and re­laxed. Ap­ply some sea salt spray and mousse to your hair af­ter it has been washed, then let it air-dry. Touch up the look by loosely run­ning some strands of hair around a nar­row-bar­rel curl­ing wand.

So­phis­ti­cated pony­tail: This look can be a hit or a miss. But if you have long hair, a pony­tail can help your face ap­pear smoother and thin­ner. Just be sure that the hair is sleek and that you add some good hair prod­ucts to keep it in place.

Braided updo: A tight bun and twist can bring out the wrin­kles and hence opt for a del­i­cate updo with braids. There are many dif­fer­ent ways to do a braided updo, so have fun and get cre­ative. The soft vol­ume of braids makes you look lighter and younger.

Sleek and straight: If you al­ways wear the same tired curls, chances are that your look is age­ing you. Give your hair some life by re­sort­ing to hair straight­en­ers. If you must use heat to style your hair, al­ways ap­ply a heat pro­tec­tant be­fore styling. But be cau­tious about mak­ing it over-straight as the locks can look harsh. Opt for vol­ume at the roots, sleek­ness through the mid­dle of the hair, and a slight bend at the ends for the per­fect look.

Vo­lu­mi­nous curls: Your hair loses vol­ume with age. So do not hes­i­tate to add a vo­lu­mis­ing prod­uct to your styling rou­tine. Use a large curl­ing iron to cre­ate thick curls and add some light hair­spray to keep them in place. If you want to elon­gate your neck, add a deep side part and keep your hair on one side of your shoul­der.

Side braids or pony­tail: If you have long hair, opt for a low braid or pony­tail for a look that is soft and ca­sual, but still flat­ter­ing. To en­sure that you are still look­ing ageap­pro­pri­ate, keep ev­ery­thing loose and slightly tou­sled. If it is too tight, you might look like a cheer­leader! This style looks great be­cause it elon­gates the face and neck, thereby giv­ing you a slim­mer look.

Short wavy hair­style: A sideswept sec­tion in the front; and smooth round ends make for a hair style which is age-de­fy­ing .Blow dry hair with a round brush, flick­ing the ends in and out to achieve a thick, bouncy style.

Low updo hair­style: A low and loose updo is a much more ap­peal­ing style than a high, hairdo. Rough your hair up at the crown and spritz your hair with a spray at the roots to add vol­ume. Leave face-fram­ing strands at the front.

Soft blonde hair­style:

Grey hair can be at­trac­tive but de­mands con­fi­dence. If you are un­sure or hes­i­tant, a soft blonde colour will in­stantly take away years from your look. Stay away from brassy tones by us­ing ap­pro­pri­ate sham­poo. Chignon, the pop­u­lar hair­style:

A soft style that is not too per­fect is far more youth­ful. Opt for a loose chignon, pulling a few strands out here and there for a re­laxed, un­done look. Give hair hold and def­i­ni­tion with a tex­tur­iz­ing cream. Long curly hair­style:

Long curls set into a retro style will soften fea­tures and give your style an on­trend edge for an evening out. Make sure you brush curls out af­ter us­ing heated rollers, as you do not want to end up with age­ing ringlets. En­hance your curls with curl cream and damp your hair be­fore styling. Beach waves hair­style:

There is noth­ing more youth­ful than long, sexy beach waves. Curl your hair with big curl­ing irons; take off the curls to loosen them once the hair cools down. Fi­nally spritz your hair with a spray to fin­ish off that sum­mer hol­i­day look.

It is im­por­tant that you bear in mind the struc­ture of the bone, the tex­ture of the hair, and the level of main­te­nance be­fore try­ing out a new look! But what­ever hair­cut you choose, make sure that you go back to the sa­lon for reg­u­lar trims and that you use the right prod­ucts to keep your tresses look­ing nice and glossy.

Noth­ing can be more age­ing as frizzy, dry, and un­kempt locks. Wear hair at a length just above shoul­der as it gives a fem­i­nine look; boy short cuts are re­ally age­ing as is waistlength over 35! Fringes and lay­ers around the face can hide a mul­ti­tude of age­ing signs, as does a good warm colour. With age-lighter, hair is softer and more for­giv­ing. Steer clear of jet black locks as they add years to the face.

shoul­der­length­lay­ers. Of­f­cen­ter-bun.

Sub­tle high­lights.

Pixie cut.



Braided updo.

Half up, half down.

Side-braids or pony tail.

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