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D iwali is over and you still have a few weeks be­fore Christ­mas and New Years. If you over-in­dulged dur­ing Di­wali, this is a good time to detox so you can have a guilt free New Year cel­e­bra­tion.

I truly be­lieve that nu­tri­tional changes must hap­pen through life­style changes and tem­po­rary ‘di­ets’ never seem to be ef­fec­tive. But it is also true that fes­ti­vals must be cel­e­brated and if that means go­ing for that ex­tra lad­doo once in a while, its ok!

Listed below are five of my top tips to help you detox and get your body on track, but feel free to use these tips year long and make them a part of your life­style.

Hy­drate: Yes, it’s that sim­ple! You have prob­a­bly been eat­ing like crap and that means your di­ges­tive sys­tem has gone for a toss. By hy­drat­ing, most peo­ple will reach out to drink more wa­ter. That is re­ally not the most ef­fec­tive way to boost your hy­dra­tion. Your body re­ally does not need 4, 5, 6 litres of wa­ter per day to run ef­fi­ciently. If that were true, then peo­ple in small vil­lages who did not have ac­cess to enough wa­ter would have worse health than us. If any­thing, the op­po­site holds true. It is true that you need to hy­drate, but the wa­ter you con­sume must come from the food you eat. Think of wa­ter-rich fruits like water­mel­ons, can­taloupes and veg­gies like cu­cum­bers and cel­ery. These fruits and veg­gies are rich in fi­bre and mi­cro-nu­tri­ents along with wa­ter. Your cells are de­prived of nu­tri­ents and these veg­gies and fruits con­tain the wa­ter that is read­ily ab­sorbed by your cells.

So, ditch the wa­ter bot­tle and snack on fruits.

Ditch the caf­feine: Let me ex­tend this a lit­tle more by ask­ing you to ditch the al­co­hol, tobacco and pro­cessed foods too. Vow to stay away from al­co­hol till Christ­mas. Make a com­mit­ment to your­self and get a wall cal­en­dar to tick dates you man­aged to stay on track.

This could be chal­leng­ing since Novem­ber and De­cem­ber is ba­si­cally an in­ter­na­tion­ally de­clared hol­i­day and you will have many oc­ca­sions to go out with friends and fam­ily. But re­place the mar­tini with fresh lime soda and re­place your morn­ing cof­fee with smooth­ies. Ex­cess caf­feine in­creases the cor­ti­sol (stress hor­mone) lev­els in your body and leaves you feel­ing slug­gish and ex­hausted on a long run.

I should warn you though, if you are ad­dicted to your morn­ing chai, it will take a few weeks of detox symp­toms such as headaches to sub­side. But this is a good sign for you to not quit. Trust me, you will not miss your daily dose of caf­feine within a few weeks.

In­vest in a good short-term fit­ness pro­gramme: Avoid go­ing into a gym and sign­ing up for a yearly mem­ber­ship you will prob­a­bly not use till (and lim­ited to) the first week of Jan­uary 2019. Rather, pick up a skill you would like to get rea­son­ably good at in 4-5 weeks. For ex­am­ple, sign up for a be­gin­ners’ box­ing class or in­door climb­ing pro­gramme. Maybe try Ariel yoga or salsa night classes.

Some­thing new and out of the blue will mo­ti­vate you to stay reg­u­lar in spite of the dis­trac­tions. If you, like me, do not find the gym bor­ing and in fact love lift­ing weights, take up a 30-day trans­for­ma­tion chal­lenge. There are plenty of short-term 30-45 day on­line pro­grammes that re­ward the best trans­for­ma­tions in the end. Hav­ing an on­line com­mu­nity mo­ti­vat­ing you will en­cour­age you to stay on track.

Get on a cleanse pro­gramme: I re­cently did a liver and gall­blad­der cleanse and the video for the same is on my Youtube chan­nel. You could do an eas­ier kid­ney cleanse by just adding cleans­ing tea to your daily rou­tine and swap­ping sim­ple things in your food such as oils and su­gar for lesser pro­cessed op­tions. A cleanse is mostly fol­lowed by an en­ema or colon hy­drother­apy and there is no bet­ter way to re­pair your bowel move­ment. Plus, once you do the cleanse and start see­ing the re­sults, you will be much more con­scious about what you put into your mouth. I re­mem­ber eat­ing over­all health­ier while do­ing my liver cleanse and stay­ing away from al­co­hol for a few weeks be­fore and af­ter be­cause you don’t want to take in more toxin while try­ing to re­move them.

A liver and gall­blad­der cleanse also in­creases the cir­cu­la­tion of lymph fluid in your body, help­ing re­move the tox­ins you in­gest bet­ter. Of course, it is wise to talk to your physi­cian or di­eti­tian be­fore at­tempt­ing any of these. Most of them though are com­pletely harm­less and can be done with­out much change in your reg­u­lar life­style.

Smoothie up: Take up the 20-day smoothie chal­lenge where you start ev­ery morn­ing for 20 days with a big jar of smoothie. There are a mil­lion smoothie pages on IG with de­li­cious recipes and many e- books to down­load and pur­chase on­line to give you in­spi­ra­tion. There is no way you will get bored of smooth­ies for break­fast.

One mis­take peo­ple make is not mak­ing their smooth­ies high in calo­ries. This leaves you feel­ing hun­gry mid-morn­ing where you would likely give in to temp­ta­tions and eat an un­healthy snack. Adding seeds/nuts and nut but­ter to your smooth­ies will make it higher in healthy calo­ries and keep you filled up till lunch. If I want a choco­late flavoured smoothie, I add a few ta­ble­spoons of Jusamazin al­mond coco but­ter and cashew sweet and salt but­ter for a creamier flavour. But noth­ing like wak­ing up to a nu­tri­tious bowel of de­con­structed ice creams for break­fast!

I hope the above tips in­spired you to take ac­tion be­tween hol­i­days and I wish you close 2018 fit­ter than you started it. Do mail me or visit my web­page Rosh­ for fur­ther ques­tions if you may have or sug­ges­tions on what you would like to see me write about.

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