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PLEASE GIVE ME SOME TIPS TO MAKE MY FRIZZY HAIR A LIT­TLE smoother and man­age­able. My prob­lem has be­come worse af­ter I have moved to Hy­der­abad from Tiru­vanan­tha­pu­ram. I am a 30-year-old home-maker.

Your frizzy hair is­sue has ex­ac­er­bated due to the cli­matic dif­fer­ences be­tween the two cities. Ker­ala is hu­mid while Hy­der­abad is dryer in com­par­i­son. Frizzi­ness is mainly caused by de­hy­dra­tion, when hair loses mois­ture and nat­u­ral oils.

So the im­me­di­ate rem­edy is to re­store the mois­ture and the nat­u­ral oil con­tent.

Mas­sage your hair and scalp gen­tly with warm co­conut oil. Wrap a thick towel soaked in hot wa­ter and wrung out around your head for a hour, so that the skin pores are opened and the oil seeps through. Wash off with a mild sham­poo. Do this at least once a week.

Ap­ply a honey and milk mask on your hair to im­prove the ph level.

Ap­ply a good serum daily on scalp and mas­sage with firm finger tips.

Al­ways use an oil-based con­di­tioner af­ter sham­poo­ing hair.

These meth­ods will nour­ish, soften and smoothen hair within a few weeks. I JUST NO­TICED THAT MY EL­BOWS ARE DARK AND HAVE A PATCH OF thick­ened skin. How can I clear this up?

Many of us tend to ig­nore the el­bows, the nape of the neck, the heels, and such other parts of our body which we can­not see!

Mix the lime juice with a lit­tle milk cream, and ap­ply it on the el­bows to re­move the dark tint. Keep it on for a few hours be­fore wash­ing off, Do this at least thrice a week.

Make a scrub of lime juice and su­gar crys­tals, and rub into the el­bows to ex­fo­li­ate the dead skin cells which is caus­ing the thick­ened skin. Grad­u­ally, this will clear up. Ap­ply a lit­tle sooth­ing lacto calamine af­ter the scrub.

You can also use a whiten­ing cream of a re­puted brand to whiten the el­bows.

Once this prob­lem has been rec­ti­fied, take care to scrub the el­bows very thor­oughly with a loofah or towel when bathing, to avoid the build up of grime.


Ingrown hair are of­ten found on arms and legs when the ra­zor used to re­move su­per­flu­ous hair cuts the hair shaft at a sharp point. When it be­gins to re-grow, the hair pierces the skin and curls, grow­ing into the skin. The

Nin­grown hair look ugly and are hard to re­move.

Scrub­bing with a chem­i­cal ex­fo­li­at­ing agent like sal­i­cylic acid helps to loosen the trapped hairs.

Or, use a towel dipped in hot wa­ter to press on the skin to soften it, and make it let the hair fol­li­cle free. Lasers are also used to re­move these ingrown hair. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO MAKE MY THIN LIPS LOOK A LIT­TLE WIDER and plumper.

Thin lips can be made plumper by cos­metic surgery where fillers like bo­tox are in­jected into the lips to make them plumper. This pro­ce­dure is quick and the re­sult is al­most in­stant, but the lips could look red and bruised for a cou­ple of days. The plump­ness lasts for a few months, af­ter which the lips re­turn to their nat­u­ral ap­pear­ance.

Some women swear by the ef­fi­cacy of cin­na­mon in mak­ing thin lips larger and fuller.

Boil bee­wax and olive oil. Cool and add cin­na­mon oil.mix well and store in a clean con­tainer. Ap­ply on the lips and mas­sage gen­tly on a daily ba­sis.

Vase­line and cin­na­mon pow­der also works well in many cases as does a mix­ture of su­gar and olive oil. Ap­ply this mix and rub into lips well.

Cos­met­ics used clev­erly also give the il­lu­sion of fuller lips. With a lip­stick pen­cil draw an out­line out­side the nat­u­ral lip line. Fill in with a lip­stick which is rich in cream and oils. This will make lips look fuller.

Avoid dark coloured lip­sticks. Use coral and peach shades. OW THAT I AM 18- YEARS-OLD, AND I AM SO­CIAL­IS­ING A LOT, I have started us­ing make-up to look good! Please tell me the best way of re­mov­ing make-up? I don’t want to spoil my fa­cial skin by do­ing some­thing wrong. Now, I have a very smooth and clear com­plex­ion.

It’s great that you have such fine skin, and are not trou­bled by the nor­mal prob­lems of ado­les­cent like acne, etc. Here are a few tips for re­mov­ing make-up:

There are many ef­fi­cient make-up re­mov­ing prod­ucts from good cos­metic firms which you can use. Don’t buy cheap or du­bi­ous goods, and fol­low in­struc­tions given on the con­tainer care­fully.

A nat­u­ral way is to dip a cot­ton ball in a saucer of whole milk and wipe your make-up with it. The milk cream will clean and hy­drate your skin at the same time, and soothe sun­burn and tan too. Wa­ter­proof makeup comes off eas­ily with co­conut oil. In­deed, a reg­u­lar mas­sage with this oil does won­ders to the skin. Use a mild soap with glyc­er­ine to get the make-up off. A mix of honey and bak­ing pow­der is also a good makeup re­mover for it ex­fo­li­ates and cleans to­gether.

A method of get­ting the face squeaky clean is to first use mild soap and wa­ter or milk to wipe the face. Pat dry. Use a towel dipped in hot wa­ter and wrung out to again wipe the face. This does deep pore clean­ing of the face. Next, wipe the face with an as­trin­gent.

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