My feet took me through a for­est On a beau­ti­ful and quiet evening, When the sun was crim­son red And rain was just a pow­dery shower.

Woman's Era - - Contents - – Roy Cherian Cherukarayil.

The winds en­gulfed me hap­pily And ca­ressed me all over while I saun­tered. It was then that your fra­grance reached me And I looked out to see where you were. The fra­grance was unique and like no other Very much like the per­son you are. And that left me frozen and stunned As I en­joyed the in­tense in­tox­i­ca­tion. Then I spot­ted you dance in the green So grace­fully and with such elan. The flow­ers told me as I passed by That you were the flower they wanted to be. I tried paint­ing your enig­matic im­age But fum­bled each time in judg­ing The depth of your abysmal beauty As each facet of you mes­merised me. A dark bunch of clouds slipped by slowly Over the red and re­lent­ing crim­son sun. I couldn't bear to keep see­ing it As it was like a black patch, on your sweet red lips. Against the back­drop of the moun­tains, I saw the beauty of your lus­cious bo­som But I won­dered whether be­yond its beauty, It had the deep love like that of my mother. The rain­drops qui­etly dressed Ev­ery cor­ner and inch of your body. Maybe the rain­drops will know, How dif­fer­ent life is when you are touched. I will keep try­ing to fathom your beauty As long as I live on this Earth And each grace­ful sen­su­ous move of you Will in­spire me to keep paint­ing you al­ways!

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