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Hu­man­ity be­comes the core of any mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ships and love sto­ries. But in less we do find films that em­pha­size the el­e­gant stat­uesque of love. Halitha Shameem’s anthology based film

Sil­lukarup­pati in­con­tro­vert­ibly has strong em­pha­sis on these val­ues. As the ti­tle Sil­lukarup­pati syn­ony­mously sig­ni­fies as­sorted sweets, it leaves a deep cu­rios­ity to look out for the co­her­ence with the film’s theme. “So will be Sil­lukarup­pati that will of­fer you the ex­act feel­ing as au­di­ence. The anthology of four sto­ries will walk through the lives of strangers en­livened with a strong link with un­likely places,” says Halitha Shameem, whose film has a deco­rous star-cast, who have been no­tice­able for their stel­lar per­for­mances. The cast in­cludes Leela Sam­son ( O

Kad­hal Kan­mani fame), Sara

Ar­jun ( Deiva Thiru­ma­gal, Vizhithiru), Nived­hithaa Satish and Manikan­dan along­side de­but ac­tors Krav­maga Sreeram and Rahul, be­sides Sa­mu­drakani and Su­naina.

It’s the time to disco.

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