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Three places to pump up your adren­a­line in the city

ere comes a sum­mer week­end, and the adren­a­line itch that has been bug­ging you for a cou­ple of days re-emerges and grows stronger. How­ever, you find your­self stuck in traf­fic with your fam­ily and friends in the heart of Den­pasar. You may not get to the beach in time be­fore sun­set for wa­ter sports, and hik­ing on the moun­tains is also not an op­tion as it takes a cou­ple of hours to get to the high­land of Bali. But don’t worry be­cause you can still pump up your adren­a­line, drench in sweat and sat­isfy your thirst for out­door ac­tiv­i­ties in th­ese three places lo­cated in the heart of South Bali. And on the fol­low­ing week, you can still share about your fun week­end to your friends and col­leagues and ca­su­ally say, “Yes, I did that last week­end.”


Sit­u­ated on the hip street of Jalan Dewi Sri that is full of restau­rants and cafes, Ar­mada Flow House Bali is the only sports place in the area that will give a sen­sa­tional rush to adren­a­line seek­ers.

“This is a static ver­sion of hy­brid board sport, some­where be­tween surf­ing, skate­board­ing and wake­board­ing,” ex­plained Randy, the per­son in charge of Ar­mada Flow House. Here, be­gin­ners and pro­fes­sion­als can surf on ar­ti­fi­cial waves – Ar­mada Flow House uses a wave sim­u­la­tor ma­chine that flows sheets of wa­ter on a pil­low-pad­ding tram­po­line made of soft blue plas­ti­crub­ber. You can try to surf the waves us­ing a spe­cially-made board that is sim­i­lar to skate­boards, surf­boards and wake­boards. “The core and leg strength are the keys for a suc­cess­ful ride,” Randy added. “The ad­vanced rid­ers can also work on their style here.”

Aside from the flow ride, Ar­mada Flow House Bali also has a res­tau­rant, ca­banas, and a swim­ming pool. It also pre­sents live en­ter­tain­ment ev­ery Fri­day evening, mak­ing it one of the cool places to hang out.

Ar­mada Flow House Bali Jalan Dewi Sri No. 72, Le­gian (0361) 475-3055 www.flow­


Lo­cated on Sun­set Road, Eiger Flag­ship Store is more than just an out­let. As a lo­cal pow­er­house brand spe­cial­iz­ing in qual­ity out­fit that be­gan with moun­taineer­ing and climb­ing needs, Eiger Flag­ship Store also has an in­door boul­der­ing wall and a 20-me­ter climb­ing wall on the park­ing lot for ev­ery­one to try – chil­dren from seven years old, be­gin­ners and sea­soned pro­fes­sion­als are all wel­come!

“This stag­ger­ing 20-me­ter wall was built in 2015, the same time the store was opened,” stated Vendi Wid­ianto, the store man­ager. “The process was su­per­vised and ap­proved by the pro­fes­sion­als at Fed­erasi Pan­jat Te­bing In­done­sia (In­done­sian Fed­er­a­tion of Cliff Climb­ing) be­fore we launched it for pub­lic use. The tools we uti­lized are also in­ter­na­tional-stan­dard. They are all han­dled by pro­fes­sional ath­letes of wall climb­ing.”

The place also owns a two-me­ter in­door boul­der­ing wall with a mat­tress cush­ion placed on the floor with no rope, no cara­bi­neers nor har­ness. “Most first timers will test their strength, grip and en­durance on this wall be­fore they con­quer the mas­sive one on the car park. This one is not only safer but it is also de­signed hor­i­zon­tal, so your climb­ing goes side­way,” ex­plained Vendi.

The place also of­fers a reg­u­lar pro­gram ev­ery Wed­nes­day and Fri­day from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. And from Mon­day through Fri­day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

pro­fes­sional in­struc­tors are ready to ac­com­pany climbers, es­pe­cially chil­dren. A small cost is re­quired to en­roll in this class which in­cludes a tu­to­rial crash course, a pair of climb­ing shoes and mag­ne­sium pow­der to en­hance your grip and ab­sorb the sweat from your palm.

Eiger Flag­ship Store Jalan Sun­set Road Barat No. 104, Seminyak (0361) 934-6026


Those war games you used to play with friends dur­ing child­hood with toy guns will al­ways be a good mem­ory, but this paint­ball will bring it up a notch – or more. Gong Bali Paint­ball, lo­cated at Ta­man Bu­daya Ker­ta­langu Toh­pati will bring out the young and fun side of you.

“We pro­vide ev­ery­thing, from gog­gles, masks and paint­ball guns to cam­ou­flage uni­forms,” ex­plained Diki, the Mar­ket­ing Man­ager as he wiped his sweaty fore­head, a solid re­sult of be­ing a com­mit­ted field mar­shal and a safety in­spec­tor. En­com­pass­ing 30 x 60 me­ters of area, Gong Bali Paint­ball built an ar­ti­fi­cial war field with a per­fect lush veg­e­ta­tion for guerilla war­fare – think about “Tropic Thun­der” or even the movie “Pla­toon”. There is also a per­ma­nent con­crete labyrinth in the mid­dle of the field for an ur­ban war­fare ap­proach which re­minds me of “Black Hawk Down” or “Amer­i­can Sniper” movie.

Gong Bali Paint­ball has sev­eral types of game you can choose from, each one is set with a well-thought de­sign. “Cap­ture the Flag” is the most com­mon one – it re­quires your team to snag your op­po­nents team flag and bring it back to your side. It sounds easy and sim­ple but the ex­e­cu­tion is far from it. Other op­tions are “To­tal Elim­i­na­tion” where both teams will try their best to elim­i­nate one an­other and “Shoot the Cap­tain” where the team will pro­tect their weapon­less cap­tain at all cost from the op­po­nent.

Sounds like so much fun, doesn’t? But don’t for­get that safety comes first. So, be­fore the game be­gins, ev­ery­one in the team will have to put on a pro­tec­tive mask – a pair of gog­gles is a rule of thumb. No one is al­lowed to open the mask within the shoot­ing area, and no shoot­ing is al­lowed in less than 10 me­ters of dis­tance. Two mar­shals will also standby on lo­ca­tion in ev­ery game. So, gear up, load the gun and let all hell break loose!

Gong Bali Paint­ball Desa Bu­daya Ker­ta­langu, Jalan By Pass Ngu­rah Rai No. 88X, Den­pasar Timur 0813-5791-9998, www.gong­paint­


Con­quer your fear and just climb up the 20-me­ter wall!

The two-me­ter in­door boul­der­ing wall is avail­able to test your strength, grip and en­durance.

Blow up some steam at Gong Bali Paint­ball.

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