Batimung treat­ment at Martha Ti­laar Sa­lon Day and Spa

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Upon en­ter­ing the Martha Ti­laar Sa­lon Day and Spa, I could feel that my ten­sion was re­lieved al­ready. It was a hot sunny day in Bali, yet the spa eas­ily soothed me with a glass of cold sweet gin­ger tea that in­stantly calmed my nerves down. I was then in­tro­duced to the ther­a­pist, Ayu, who has been work­ing for Martha Ti­laar for years. She ex­plained about the most pop­u­lar treat­ment at the spa, the Batimung treat­ment, an an­cient detox­i­fy­ing rit­ual from Bor­neo. Lis­ten­ing to her story, it was easy to see why this treat­ment is the most fa­vorite, and I couldn’t wait to have a try.


Batimung is orig­i­nally in­spired by a treat­ment rit­ual of Ban­jar­masin peo­ple in South Bor­neo. At Martha Ti­laar, this treat­ment is ap­plied us­ing all nat­u­ral com­po­si­tions such as cit­rus leaves, jas­mine, pan­danus leaves, and co­conut oil as well as some tra­di­tional spices like temu gir­ing (fin­ger root), ke­nanga, and akar­wangi – this con­coc­tion will detox­ify the body through a body steam and mas­sage.

Be­fore the ther­apy started, Ayu let me choose one of the three Ba­banyon oils, a tra­di­tional oil from Bor­neo made of tra­di­tional spices that Martha Ti­laar uses for the Batimung treat­ment. The three oils were Ba­banyon for pen­gantin oil (for a wed­ding cou­ple), Ba­banyon for en­er­giz­ing oil, and Ba­banyon for re­lax­ing oil – I opted for the last one as the scent of the spices were truly calm­ing.

My spa jour­ney be­gan with a 10-minute foot rit­ual or in a Ban­jar­masin’s term, “Baran­dam

Batis”. My feet were soaked in a bowl of warm wa­ter, in­fused with Na­gasari spices that con­sisted of lemon­grass, cit­rus leaves, and some drops of Ba­banyon oil. Ayu also gave me a soft foot mas­sage to cleanse my foot skin and get me pre­pared for a to­tal re­lax­ation.

The 110-minute beauty treat­ment then con­tin­ued with a body scrub or cengkaruk us­ing black rice that ben­e­fits by clean­ing dead skin cells away and mak­ing the skin brighter. Af­ter the body scrub, I took a bath with warm wa­ter and foam that is ex­clu­sively pro­duced by Martha Ti­laar. Then I was ready for the mas­sage ses­sion.

The 50-minute body mas­sage or Ba’urut uses Ba­banyon oil mixed with lala’an or co­conut oil for re­lax­ing. Dur­ing the mas­sage, not

only did Ayu give top-notch pres­sure on my nerve spots that needed re­lax­ing, but she also found the best spots on my body to ab­sorb the oil and the nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents. At this phase, I eas­ily fell into a deep sleep which in­di­cated that the Ba­banyon oil and the mas­sage re­ally worked well to­gether.

The beauty jour­ney went on with a body mask us­ing Baka­sai, a nat­u­ral com­po­si­tion that con­sists of temu gir­ing and kaf­fir lime juice. Af­ter be­ing com­pletely masked, my body was steamed for 10 min­utes so that my skin can ab­sorb all the nat­u­ral good­ness and be­come mois­tur­ized. The wa­ter for the steam is also in­fused with some drops of Ba­banyon oil and Putri Huri­pan, an­other tra­di­tional con­coc­tion made of spices like banana leaves, young co­conut, pan­danus, brown rice and more.

While I was sit­ting in the body steam ma­chine, Ayu pre­pared me an­other hot tub with some drops of Ba­banyon oil and the rest of Putri Huri­pan spice. The detox­i­fy­ing treat­ment ended with a re­lax­ing bath for about 20 min­utes with a sooth­ing sound of holis­tic mu­sic fill­ing the room.

As I soaked my body in the warm wa­ter, I breathed in the won­der­ful aroma of Ba­banyon oil deeply and tried not to think about any­thing. This is truly a com­fort­ing spa ex­pe­ri­ence in a tra­di­tional way and I felt so rejuvenated once the beauty jour­ney was done.

Get­ting ready for the Batimung treat­ment.

The cengkaruk or body scrub ses­sion.

Tra­di­tional herbs used for the Batimung treat­ment.

The baka­sai or body mask treat­ment.

The Jamu Bar at Martha Ti­laar Sa­lon and Day Spa.

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