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Folded pant legs has once again be­come an on­go­ing trend. Whether it’s to show off your shoes or to make your en­sem­ble a tad more stylish, there are actually dif­fer­ent types of ways to cuff your pant legs, with each re­sult­ing in a dif­fer­ent look.

1. the dou­ble roll: Per­haps the eas­i­est and the most ba­sic of them all is the dou­ble roll, which is the most ver­sa­tile. Sim­ply take the edge of your pants and fold about five cen­time­ters from the bot­tom. How many rolls you do will de­pend on your own pref­er­ence. As a rule of thumb, it’s per­fect when the cuff hits the top of your an­kle bone. do avoid rolling them too many times, as it will make the bot­tom of your pant leg look chunky.

2. the skinny roll: This one works best with tight-fit­ting pants. It does not, however, go well with chunky boots and basketball shoes. See that line at the bot­tom of your pants? Well, that’s pretty much the length you want to cuff for the skinny roll.

3. the pin roll: If you feel that the bot­tom part of your pants is too loose, just pull the loose fab­ric with your thumb and fore­fin­ger and pinch the fab­ric against your an­kle un­til it feels slightly snug. Then fold the fab­ric ver­ti­cally to­wards the heel—not to the front be­cause then the fold will show—be­fore you start rolling the cuff up­wards. Make sure that each roll is at least three cen­time­ters wide and that you fold it at least twice, to keep it well-pro­por­tioned.

4. the sin­gle roll: Ideal for denim jeans, can­vas pants and work boots, this roll is quite prac­ti­cal. The only rule of thumb is that it should be at least ten cen­time­ters long; any less and it will look awk­ward.

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