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Widika Sid­more talks about her jour­ney through model­ing, act­ing and dis­cov­er­ing more about her­self, with DAMAN’s Ricky Ron­aldo

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Widika Sid­more talks about her jour­ney through model­ing, act­ing and dis­cov­er­ing more about her­self.

Since the last time we met with Widika Sid­more, which is a good three years ago, the vet­eran model has gained four tat­toos, bring­ing her to­tal to thir­teen. She told me that tat­toos are not merely make-up for her body, but in­stead act as re­minders of the mis­takes and hard patches that she had to over­come. “So once there’s an­other big lump on the road,” Sid­more says, “i could face it with full force.” case in point: Her line tat­too, which sym­bol­izes that life hap­pens only once or the ar­row-shaped tat­too that rep­re­sents her roots. Sid­more’s en­tire tat­too col­lec­tion rep­re­sents her past as well as her fu­ture, or in her own words: “They are sym­bols of where i used to be and where i will be in the fu­ture.”

and in­deed, just like her tat­toos, Sid­more has moved for­ward quite a bit in the past three years. now, for in­stance, she has delved into act­ing. But this doesn’t mean that her model­ing ca­reer is be­hind her; it’s just not her pri­mary ac­tiv­ity for the time be­ing. “if i were to go abroad again it would be for act­ing,” she added. See, be­fore, Sid­more has worked ex­ten­sively as a model abroad. Hav­ing signed a three­year con­tract with Ford Mod­els agency at new York, Sid­more has ex­pe­ri­enced all the highs and lows of the model­ing world. and as ex­pected, she has a lot to share from that part of her life as well.

“it’s harder than it looks,” she be­gins. “it’s not al­ways glam­orous. it takes a lot of work, ded­i­ca­tion and dis­ci­pline. and it’s very com­pet­i­tive.” For Sid­more, how­ever, the hard­est thing about model­ing was the con­stant pres­sure to be per­fect. She ad­mits that she is hy­per­crit­i­cal of her­self, up to the point where she tenses up and her friends told her to calm down. “i think in model­ing, it is al­ways about physique,” she elab­o­rates. “So, we tend to look at each other and be like ‘oh my God, that other girl is so beau­ti­ful or unique’ and you look at your­self ‘oh, what do i have?’ So, there’s a lot of men­tal pres­sure.”

it’s also im­por­tant to note that dur­ing Sid­more’s model­ing days, so­cial me­dia has not yet be­come a cru­cial part of the fash­ion in­dus­try. one had to go to cast­ings and make a last­ing im­pres­sion, some­times within sec­onds, be­cause once you’re for­got­ten there are no on­line trails to re­mem­ber you by. For Sid­more, this cre­ates even more pres­sure, as she had to work even harder than be­fore.

But even with so­cial me­dia as it is today, the 26-year-old model and ac­tress still has mixed feel­ings about us­ing it. “i have a hate and love re­la­tion­ship with so­cial me­dia,” she says with a laugh. “i’m re­ally bad at, say, pro­mot­ing my­self be­cause i’m a very moody per­son in ways that i re­ally don’t want peo­ple to know about me. i like to keep the mys­te­ri­ous side of me.”

nat­u­rally, any­one strolling through Sid­more’s in­sta­gram ac­count for the first time will prob­a­bly miss the fact that Sid­more is a model or an ac­tress and will likely guess that she’s just an­other avid trav­eler. The truth is, her travel pho­tos, of places like Paris and Reyk­javik, are ac­tu­ally taken at shoot­ing lo­ca­tions for her up­com­ing film: “cinta itu Bangsat.”

di­rected by amir Po­han, “cinta itu Bangsat” is a romance film telling three love sto­ries in three dif­fer­ent coun­tries—ice­land, France and in­done­sia—whose char­ac­ters are all con­nected with one an­other. Sid­more teases that this film ex­plores the harsher side of love rather than the fairy­tale as­pect of it, in a sense that “this is life and it is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing.”

as for her char­ac­ter, Sid­more will play Salina, an out­go­ing per­son who is con­duct­ing some sort of an­thro­po­log­i­cal re­search in east Java, where she will meet Marco Polo (aufa as­sagaf). Mean­while, Salina’s fi­ancée, Tigor (Rio de­wanto) is in ice­land to cap­ture the aurora bo­re­alis, where he also en­coun­tered a woman. other stars in the film in­clude chicco Jerikho, Salvita decorte and many more.

But this is not ac­tu­ally Sid­more’s first act­ing gig. Pre­vi­ously, she had starred in “Per­taruhan,” play­ing as Jamila op­po­site adi­pati dolken and aliando Syarief. Her cur­rent role, how­ever, is quite dif­fer­ent. “She’s an out­go­ing per­son, very open­minded, with strong prin­ci­ples in her life. She’s re­ally into ad­ven­ture,

“In model­InG, you don’T re­Ally TAke your Soul wITH you. wITH AcT­InG, you Pour your HeArT, THouGHTS And ImAG­I­nA­TIon ouT”

“In AcT­InG, THere’S So mucH dePTH THAT model­InG In IT­Self AS A foun­dA­TIon doeS noT re­Ally cuT IT”

ex­pe­ri­enc­ing new things and is al­ways out­doors as well,” Sid­more says of Salina. “So, we have a lot in com­mon. i adore my char­ac­ter and wish i could be as strong as her.”

To pre­pare for her role, Sid­more said that she had to do a lot of read­ing to con­nect with her char­ac­ter. See­ing that Sid­more is an avid book­worm—with her fa­vorite in­done­sian lit­er­a­ture be­ing Pramoedya ananta Toer’s “Bumi Manu­sia” (This earth of Mankind) or eka Kur­ni­awan’s “can­tik itu luka” (Beauty is a Wound), to name just a few—this is not too much of a prob­lem for her. But, like any new­comer to the movie in­dus­try, there are, of course, chal­lenges along the way.

one chal­lenge that comes to her mind was to learn what Salina does for a liv­ing. She fur­ther ex­plains that her char­ac­ter is such a per­fec­tion­ist and a hard worker that she finds it hard to em­body the traits that Salina has but she lacks.

When asked if her model­ing back­ground has helped her to act, Sid­more, un­like many of her fel­low mod­els that we’ve talked to be­fore, com­ments that it does not. “in model­ing, you don’t re­ally take your soul with you. With act­ing, you pour your heart, thoughts and imag­i­na­tion out,” she ex­plains. “in act­ing, there’s so much depth that model­ing in it­self as a foun­da­tion does not re­ally cut it.”

Wid­more then as­serted that in the model­ing world, they don’t re­ally care about your per­son­al­ity. You just “need to be per­fect.” There­fore, her jour­ney from model­ing to act­ing took her quite by sur­prise. “all these years you have to be this beau­ti­ful per­fect crea­ture,” she went on. “and the next thing you know, they don’t want you to be pretty: ‘Roll on the ground; i want to see you cry.’” later, she also added that there is a trans­parency and raw­ness to act­ing that made it feel re­ally dif­fer­ent.

“How you look does not guar­an­tee that you will get a part. You don’t have to be per­fect in act­ing, you don’t have to be skinny and you don’t have to al­ways look so beau­ti­ful, sexy and cute. it’s more than that,” Sid­more ex­claims. “and it is a very new ex­pe­ri­ence for me, hav­ing known model­ing so well but so lit­tle about act­ing.”

Then there are also the con­stant re­jec­tions, which has al­ways been part of show­biz, and which Sid­more has ex­pe­ri­enced plenty of times, both dur­ing her model­ing days and also now as she dives ever deeper into pro­fes­sional act­ing. But there is a dif­fer­ence. “ev­ery time i get re­jected for a movie it hurts more than get­ting re­jected for a cam­paign or cat­walk,” she re­veals. Still, she ac­knowl­edges that she is still more or less a “baby” as far as act­ing goes, and that she still has a long jour­ney ahead of her.

in a way, this rings true not only for her ca­reer, act­ing or oth­er­wise, but also her jour­ney of self­dis­cov­ery. Sid­more can­didly re­veals that she is cur­rently on a spir­i­tual jour­ney. Be­ing in her mid-twen­ties, she says that it was a tough time for her and not ex­actly fun like many peo­ple said it would be. it was, in her own words: an “all over the place” ex­pe­ri­ence.

“i don’t know what i want to do, who i was in a way,” she con­fesses. “So, this year has been a spir­i­tual jour­ney for me. To re­ally get to know who i am and what i re­ally want to do in my life, what my goals are and self-re­flect with a lot of things in life.”

That said, Sid­more dis­closes that she con­stantly med­i­tates and tries her best to get con­nected to a higher power, in at­tempt to be stronger, more grate­ful and blessed ev­ery sin­gle day. it might sound a bit clichéd, but so far it has worked for her. it also ex­plained her an­swer when i asked her about her goals for the rest of 2018: “i’m up for any­thing. i’m like in the stage of be­ing open for any­thing that’s fun and cre­ative, so that i can evolve to be a bet­ter ver­sion of who i am.” She then said that she is cur­rently re­ally happy in life, feel­ing more blessed, grate­ful and hum­ble. “i think,” she said in clos­ing, “that i am slowly get­ting there.”

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