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A lineup of tal­cum pow­der to deal with sweat and body odor.

1 Hail­ing from the brand’s Colo­nia line, Ac­qua di Parma’s Colo­nia Tal­cum Pow­der per­fumes the body with a fresh and light cit­rus scent from Si­cil­ian fruits. With notes of laven­der, rose­mary and san­dal­wood, the Colo­nia Tal­cum Pow­der leaves the skin smooth and vel­vety. Ac­qua di Parma is avail­able at Glow Liv­ing Beauty.


Nivea For Men Musk Talc fights body odor with a gen­tle aroma that leaves you re­freshed. The scent is del­i­cately musky and long-last­ing, while the tex­ture is soft and smooth. Add in an en­tic­ingly af­ford­able price, and the Musc Talc be­comes an ideal choice for light sum­mer days.


Axe Denim Cologne Talc is a mas­cu­line and musky scented tal­cum pow­der that gives you de­odor­ant-like pro­tec­tion. It con­trols your body odor by ab­sorb­ing ex­tra oil se­creted by the skin and pro­vides all-day pro­tec­tion against sweat­ing. As such, this prod­uct is great for harsh sum­mers.

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