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Get­ting enough sleep is al­ways a chal­lenge for mod­ern day city dwellers. If this de­scribes your day-to-day ex­is­tence,per­haps Bose’s Sleep­buds can help you get some qual­ity sleep. In essence, these are ear­phones that uti­lize the brand’s renowned noise­can­cel­ing tech­nol­ogy to mask un­wanted ex­ter­nal sounds and re­place it with sooth­ing sounds that will (hope­fully) help you nod off. It needs to be said that the Sleep­buds aren’t ex­actly cheap and it’s not a mir­a­cle cure for sleep-de­prived ur­ban­ites. But if med­i­ta­tion or a hot cup of chamomile sim­ply doesn’t do it for you, this one just might.

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