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e ver since the cre­ation of the San­tos de Cartier dur­ing what is of­ten called the age of en­gi­neer­ing, the watch de­signed and made es­pe­cially for al­berto San­tos­du­mont es­tab­lished a new set of foun­da­tions for con­tem­po­rary watch­mak­ing. from its rev­o­lu­tion­ary de­sign to the time­piece’s dis­tinct aes­thetic lines, the San­tos de Cartier truly sym­bol­ized the dawn of a mod­ern era in haute

hor­logerie. This sense of moder­nity has then been main­tained through the ages as Cartier con­tin­ues to drive the evo­lu­tion of the watch as the decades passed. This year, the mai­son de­cided that the next log­i­cal chap­ter in the San­tos de Cartier’s his­tory would in­volve a suit­ably in­no­va­tive take on a con­tem­po­rary trend: in­ter­change­able straps.

Per­sonal Touch

The San­tos de Cartier was first in­tro­duced back in 1904, and through­out the suc­ceed­ing decades, its char­ac­ter has been main­tained most exquisitely. in up­dat­ing this leg­endary time­piece, the de­sign stu­dios un­der Cartier chose to fo­cus on com­fort, pro­por­tions and ut­most re­spect for the aes­thetic of San­tos.

for one, the square shape re­mains un­changed be­cause it echoes the re­fine­ment and sym­me­try of parisian ge­om­e­try of the era, as cel­e­brated in the four an­gu­lar cor­ners of the eif­fel tower. next, de­spite the eight screws on the bezel also re­main­ing un­changed, the de­sign of the bezel it­self has been up­dated to fa­vor the syn­ergy be­tween the lines of the case and the strap. These sleeker lines ac­cen­tu­ate the stylis­tic dy­nam­ics that have long been the hall­mark of this watch. They were also de­signed to en­sure a per­fect fit on the wrist. to that end, the watch has been pre­cisely weighted and mea­sured in or­der to op­ti­mize com­fort and er­gonomics.

“From its rev­o­lu­tion­ary de­sign to the time­piece’s dis­tinct aes­thetic lines, the San­tos de Cartier truly sym­bol­ized the dawn of a mod­ern era in haute hor­logerie”

New En­deavor

mov­ing on, we come to the strap, which has al­ways been one of the defin­ing el­e­ments in the his­tory of the San­tos de Cartier. The orig­i­nal strap came in leather, a to­tally new ma­te­rial in watch­mak­ing of the time, and left the wearer free of the re­stric­tions of the pocket watch. for the new San­tos de Cartier, Cartier has in­tro­duced an in­no­va­tive strap in keep­ing with the spirit of to­day. The new strap for San­tos de Cartier caters to mod­ern life­styles and ease of move­ment, and on top of that, it can be tai­lored to suit any occasion with an abun­dance of ma­te­rial and color op­tions.

Whether in steel, gold, calf­skin or al­li­ga­tor leather, all strap varaints are in­ter­change­able thanks to the new Cartier Quick­Switch sys­tem hid­den un­der the strap. This in­vis­i­ble mech­a­nism beau­ti­fully blends into the struc­ture of the case. in or­der to en­gage the sys­tem, the wearer sim­ply needs to press on it.

another cut­ting-edge fea­ture in the new San­tos de Cartier is the Smartlink self-fit­ting tech­nol­ogy, which ad­justs the length of the me­tal bracelet to the near­est link with­out the need for spe­cial tools. at the touch of a but­ton—lo­cated on each Smartlink seg­ment— the bracelet is ad­justed to the clos­est fit by means of hid­den but­tons which al­lows links to be added to or re­moved from the watch.

This ex­am­ple of clas­sic watch­mak­ing meets in­ge­nious in­ven­tions per­pet­u­ates the spirit, style and hunger for progress em­bod­ied by men who change the world like al­berto San­tos-du­mont him­self. With an up­date fo­cused on com­fort and pro­por­tions, the new San­tos de Cartier watch of­fers the kind of progress that has been at the fore­front of in­no­va­tion. from its ori­gin as the rev­o­lu­tion­ary first wrist­watch to its cur­rent form en­riched with in­ter­change­able bracelets, San­tos de Cartier is the per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment on the wrist of bold and fear­less gentle­men.

a close look at the Cartier Quick­switch sys­tem; two vari­ants of the new san­tos de Cartierop­po­site page Close-up of the new san­tos de Cartier

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