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Da: in the novel, your char­ac­ter— Daniel—is de­scribed as some­one who strug­gles to find bal­ance be­tween two iden­ti­ties and two fu­tures. Do you see your­self—or parts of your­self—in Daniel?

Cm: i def­i­nitely see parts of my­self in play­ing, Daniel, who is a first gen­er­a­tion korean Amer­i­can. he strug­gles be­tween cul­ti­vat­ing his own am­bi­tions of be­ing a poet and ful­fill­ing his par­ents’ dreams of him be­com­ing a doc­tor.

Da: ul­ti­mately, what do you hope au­di­ences take with them af­ter they’ve watched the movie?

Cm: i hope au­di­ences will come away with two things: to be proud of who you are. And the other is that love is a uni­ver­sal idea. Da: right about now, we would be seven or so episodes into sea­son three of “riverdale.” What can fans of the show ex­pect from the rest of sea­son three? Cm: i can’t say too much, but there might be a new love in­ter­est for Reg­gie this sea­son.

Da: now that we’ve in­tro­duced “riverdale” into our con­ver­sa­tion, how much of reg­gie is his es­tab­lished per­sona in­spired di­rectly from the script and how much comes from you?

Cm: Most of what you al­ready see on screen with Reg­gie is his per­sona that has al­ready been es­tab­lished in the Archie comics. My goal is to pay homage to him while putting my own spin on the char­ac­ter. Da: it’s easy to see that “riverdale” takes a lot of stereo­typ­i­cal roles—jock, mean girl, pop­u­lar guy, etc.—and gives them so much depth. On that note, what was it that sur­prised you most about reg­gie in the script? Some­thing that au­di­ences may over­look at first? Cm: Reg­gie def­i­nitely has a softer side to him and is ac­tu­ally a lot more sen­si­tive than most peo­ple would think. Da: Last year, we got the chance to talk a bit about “riverdale” with Camila men­des and made­laine Petsch. When asked about what made the show great, they both em­pha­sized the cast and crew be­hind it. What do you think is the key be­hind the show’s suc­cess? Cm: Roberto Aguirre-Sa­casa, cre­ator and showrun­ner of “Riverdale,” did an in­cred­i­ble job of reimag­in­ing these clas­sic comic book char­ac­ters by mak­ing them darker, sex­ier and more re­lat­able to to­day’s au­di­ence. We also have an amaz­ing cast and crew and i’m grate­ful to be a part of this show. Da: is there any­thing you can tell us about what’s in store for “riverdale” post sea­son three? Cm: you’ll just have to tune in to find out! Da: How about you? Will we see you in any other movies or TV shows in 2019? Cm: i have sev­eral projects in the works and i’m re­ally look­ing for­ward to an­nounc­ing them soon. Da: So, right now, you’re star­ring in a much-an­tic­i­pated movie adap­ta­tion of a beloved novel and you’ve been bumped up to reg­u­lar cast mem­ber in a pop­u­lar teen drama se­ries. What are the next ca­reer mile­stones that you want to tackle? Cm: i want to con­stantly grow and be in­spired by the char­ac­ters i play.

Da: What would you say does it take for an ac­tor to make it in to­day’s en­ter­tain­ment world?

Cm: it’s im­por­tant to sur­round your­self with peo­ple who al­ways en­cour­age you to dream big. And a lot of hard work. Da: What’s the best piece of act­ing or ca­reer ad­vice that you’ve ever heard from some­one in the busi­ness? Cm: the best piece of ad­vice i’ve ever re­ceived is to al­ways stay true to your­self. Da: On the flip side, what’s the most crazy-but-it-ac­tu­ally-works piece of ad­vice that you’ve ever re­ceived so far? Cm: Don’t give up. Da: Of course, as you take on more prom­i­nent roles, there’s an in­crease in pub­lic in­ter­est in you— and your per­sonal life. How do you deal with be­ing in the lime­light? Cm: i try to stay fo­cused and com­mit to liv­ing in the mo­ment.

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