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Us­ing the Ja­pa­nese hi­mono tech­nique of dry­ing fish, ka­masu (bar­racuda) is smeared with sake lees then dried in the sun to in­ten­sify its flavours. Ricotta is then in­tro­duced to mel­low the in­tense salti­ness, while matcha com­ple­ments the bit­ter and smoky notes of the grilled bar­racuda. Serves 4 Prep time 1.5 hours + 24 hours + 6 hours sun­ning + 12 hour chill­ing + 30 min­utes brin­ing + 1 hour sous vide

Cook time 15 min­utes

ka­masu sakano no hi­mono

50g di­a­mond kosher salt

1 litre wa­ter

2 fresh ka­masu (bar­racuda, avail­able from MEIDI-YA Su­per­mar­ket)

50g sake kasu (avail­able from MEIDI-YA Su­per­mar­ket)

10ml fil­tered wa­ter

5g ginger

12g shiro miso (avail­able from MEIDI-YA Su­per­mar­ket)

8ml sweet cook­ing mirin

5g brown sugar

100ml sake

» Make brine with salt and wa­ter.

» But­ter­fly ka­masu, then clean the guts and re­move all blood.

» De­bone ka­masu and soak in brine for 30 min­utes.

» Re­move and pat dry.

» Mix all re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents into a paste.

» Spread paste on ka­masu and hang in the sun for 6 hours.

» Trans­fer ka­masu to hang in the chiller for another 12 hours un­til a nice pel­li­cle forms.

» With ad­di­tional sake in a bowl, use to gen­tly clean sake kasu off ka­masu.

» Grill ka­masu for 5-8 min­utes (de­pend­ing on your grill) to give it a smoky flavour.

matcha yuzu ricotta

500ml whole milk

15ml but­ter­milk

125g 35% whip­ping cream

25ml yuzu juice

5ml lemon juice

2g di­a­mond kosher salt

1g matcha pow­der + ex­tra for dust­ing

» Com­bine ev­ery­thing in a sous vide bag, then use a hand blender to dis­perse matcha pow­der. Tip: dis­perse matcha pow­der into a small amount of liq­uid first, be­fore dis­pers­ing with the other in­gre­di­ents.

» Sous vide mix­ture at 91°C for at least 1 hour, un­til the mix­ture sep­a­rates.

» Strain mix­ture with a cheese­cloth and a China cap.

» Af­ter all liq­uid whey is strained (you can keep it for other uses), re­move curds and place onto a per­fo­rated tray to dry overnight in the chiller.

» When plat­ing, dust ricotta with matcha pow­der.

hibis­cus gel

50g dried hibis­cus (avail­able from Mustafa Cen­tre or medic­i­nal herb shops) wa­ter, for re­hy­drat­ing hibis­cus

100ml hot fil­tered wa­ter 15ml mirin

5g white sugar

50ml mizkan rice vine­gar

25ml red wine vine­gar agar pow­der (1.5% of the weight of com­bined liq­uid)

» Re­hy­drate hibis­cus with wa­ter for at least 1 hour, then press and strain. Cool and re­serve hibis­cus liq­uid.

» Com­bine all other in­gre­di­ents and hibis­cus liq­uid into a pot and dis­perse with a hand-blender.

» Bring the pot of liq­uid to a boil for at least 5 min­utes.

» Pour liq­uid in a tray and al­low to set in the fridge.

» Af­ter liq­uid is fully set, cut it into smaller pieces, then blend in a Ther­momix on high speed un­til a smooth mix­ture is achieved. » Pass mix­ture through a fine chi­nois.

pick­led goji berries and bit­ter gourd 2g fen­nel seeds

2g Sichuan pep­per­corn

1 star anise

120ml mizkan rice vine­gar

120 fil­tered wa­ter

1 clove of garlic

30g sugar

2g di­a­mond kosher salt

2ml fish sauce

100g bit­ter gourd

20g goji berry

» Toast fen­nel seeds, Sichuan pep­per­corn and star anise un­til fra­grant, then put into a sa­chet.

» Mix all other in­gre­di­ents ex­cept goji berries and bit­ter gourd in a sauce­pot and dis­solve sugar and salt.

» Add spice sa­chet and steep for 30 min­utes.

» Halve bit­ter gourd, re­move in­sides with a spoon, then scrap clean.

» Use a man­dolin to shave bit­ter gourd into thin slices.

» Add shaved bit­ter­melon and goji berry to warm pick­ling liq­uid for 15 min­utes. » Re­move bit­ter gourd and goji berries from pick­ling liq­uid.


6 break­fast radishes fen­nel, to gar­nish

» Shave break­fast radishes with a man­dolin, then place shav­ings in ice wa­ter for 15 min­utes to get curls. Dry shav­ings. » As­sem­ble ac­cord­ing to photos or as de­sired.

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