Busi­ness en­ter­tain­ing at home re­quires im­pec­ca­ble ex­e­cu­tion. Here are six dishes to add to your recipe col­lec­tion.

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Au­tumn calls for vegeta­bles like Jerusalem ar­ti­choke and chanterelle mush­rooms. The earthy root flavour of the lat­ter is el­e­vated with the in­tensely flavoured A5 Kagoshima wagyu. Serves 1 Prep time 50 min­utes + 16 hours sim­mer­ing

Cook time 40 min­utes A5 KAGOSHIMA STRIP 150g A5 Kagoshima beef

» Sear beef on the plan­cha un­til golden brown.

» Place beef in a vac­uum bag and seal com­pletely.

» Sous vide the beef at 65°C for 30 min­utes.

» Re­move beef in vac­uum bag from wa­ter bath. Place in ice bath to halt cook­ing.


15g green olive, re­move pits

100g Jerusalem ar­ti­choke, peeled and diced

» Blend all in­gre­di­ents to­gether in a Vi­ta­mix or food pro­ces­sor.

» Pass the mix­ture through a fine tamis af­ter blend­ing.


40g chanterelles, peeled and cut into quar­ters

10g clar­i­fied but­ter

» Sauté mush­rooms with clar­i­fied but­ter for 10 min­utes. DEMI-GLACE

2.5kg beef kneecap bones 2.5kg beef trot­ters

2.5kg beef bones

2.5kg beef mar­row bones 500g car­rots

500g onions

500g leeks

25g of peeled gar­lic 1 bot­tle of red wine

» Roast all bones in the oven at 200°C for 45 min­utes.

» Com­bine car­rots, onions, leeks and gar­lic in a large pot. Sauté un­til soft. Add bones and cover with wa­ter. In a sep­a­rate pot, re­duce wine down to half. Add to the stock pot, bring to a boil and sim­mer for 16 hours.

» Strain stock with a fine chi­noise and cool it im­me­di­ately. Set aside un­til ready to use.


» Lightly sear beef again on the plan­cha to heat it up.

» Por­tion chaterelles, 60g of beef and 18g of ar­ti­choke purée on the plate.

» Smear demi-glace on plate.

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