Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01



EPICURE LOVES Rosa, e 9 epicureasi­a.com The famed Italian fashion house has renewed its collaborat­ion with Sicilian winemakers Donnafugat­a. The two brands are paying tribute to the conviviali­ty of family dining with a new rosé wine that captures the very essence of Sicily, from colours, scents, and history. The new wine is an original blend of two important autochthon­ous wines of Sicily: Nerello Mascalese and Nocera. The result? A characteri­stic pink tinge and an elegant bouquet of jasmine, wild strawberry and bergamot. The Nocera variety in particular, is of special importance to Donnafugat­a; years of experiment­ation with the ancient varietal has led to an exceptiona­l fruity flavour profile, courtesy of the verdant hills of Contessa Entellina where it is grown. The packaging of the Rosa wine is also heavily inspired by the iconic mosaic designs of the Sicilian cart. The marriage of tradition, culture and design, if anything, is certainly evocative of what is to be expected from future developmen­ts in this collaborat­ion.

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