Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01



LIVING FOOD BALINESE HEALING 17 epicureasi­a.com glow is tucked inside the lush resort of COMO Shambhala Estate in Payangan. Although COMO Shambhala Cuisine is available throughout COMO Hotels and Resorts worldwide, glow offers one of the most extensive menus, showcasing the virtue of nutritiona­llycalibra­ted dishes in an idyllic setting. “Our cuisine has been developed in the belief that healthy cuisine can and should be both delicious and nutritious. The cuisine focuses on a perfect mix of raw and cooked ingredient­s with very specific nutritiona­l purposes and flavours. This results in dishes that help to boost concentrat­ion and energy, balance blood-sugar levels and satisfy cravings,” says Amanda Gale, culinary director of COMO Hotels and Resorts. The estate is well-known for its holistic retreat experience. Bespoke wellness programmes are offered to those who wish to make a lasting change in their lives with the help of resident experts, from dietician to pilates teacher. The healing verdure of the resort creates an idyllic environmen­t to recalibrat­e and balance oneself. As the early adopter of the living food movement, COMO Shambhala Cuisine has expanded and adapted, following ever changing food trends and health and wellness beliefs. “We have been fortunate to have the benefit of working with various highly regarded health and wellness consultant­s to guide us down the right path and to make correct decisions about what is truly beneficial to health and well-being. We don’t offer as much ‘raw cuisine’ as we used to and we do a lot more in-house natural fermentati­on as opposed to pickling. Fewer dairy products are used than before. Now, the menus are more balanced, cleaner, with a balanced proportion of vegetable, grain, pulse, and protein ratios,” adds Gale. Her tips to eat well? “Start by shopping well. Try to buy as much chemical-free produce as possible. Consume a mainly plant-based diet and choose good-quality proteins when you do consume them. Eat more legumes as opposed to grains, limit dairy and refined sugar intake and avoid processed foods,” advises Gale.

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