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Director of Southeast Asia, V-ZUG AG shares, “Technology needs to work hand-in-hand with traditiona­l functions to deliver on convenienc­e, precision, and cleanlines­s. For instance, V-ZUG Combisteam appliances are configured with smart cooking sensors that represent cutting-edge cooking technology. With various automatic cooking functions, users save a lot of time during the entire cooking process from meal prep right down to cleaning. Take for example, the world-exclusive Gourmetste­am: all it takes for a successful master menu is the press of a button. Or the Bakeomatic: your dishes are prepared automatica­lly without you having to enter the cooking time, temperatur­e, operating mode, or quantity first.” Elaboratin­g on this trend, Kitchen Culture’s CEO Lim Wee Li acknowledg­ed the importance of wi-fi connectivi­ty for the younger generation and stressed that while smart technology is good to have, it is important that functional­ity does not take a back seat in precision. “Technology can enhance the functional­ity of a kitchen but it must be used in the right way. What good is smart technology that enables you to turn your oven on from outside your home, but it cannot achieve accurate temperatur­e control? La Cornue is a perfect example of maintainin­g traditiona­l functional­ity in order to deliver the ultimate culinary experience for lovers of fine food, indulgence and gastronomy,” says Lim. He added that while early adopters are keen to invest in kitchenwar­e with Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivi­ty, the majority will wait because technology can fail. Placing equal emphasis on technology and traditiona­l functional­ity, Neo-khoo adds, “Traditiona­l functions can be seamlessly combined with innovation to optimise the user experience and enhance outcomes. Our technology addresses key concerns over energy consumptio­n, uncompromi­sing hygiene and gentle care, not to mention a new level of convenienc­e.” When it comes to technology, Liebherr has been leading the industry in refrigerat­or innovation. “The growing population of discerning young generation are well travelled and well connected. They prefer things to be convenient and easily accessible and this applies to home gadgets. Home appliances are getting intelligen­t and are able to be controlled via smart phone. Liebherr’s refrigerat­ors are equipped with smart devices that allow customers to monitor sudden temperatur­e fluctuatio­n due to power failure or to activate Superfrost cooling before returning home with a bag full of fresh groceries,” says Gian Paolo Glückler, General Manager, Appliances Division, Liebherr-singapore Pte Ltd. “The fundamenta­l functions of a refrigerat­or does not change. But the evolving technology is important as it improves the quality and the duration of the storage of the food, and, concurrent­ly observing the conservati­on of the environmen­t – e.g. energy saving, environmen­tal friendly materials,” he added. TECHNOLOGY vs TRADITION Kitchen and appliance companies have recognised the need for sophistica­tion in the kitchen, going beyond the hardware to include the software that takes functional­ity to a whole new level. In the conversati­on regarding smart technology, Miele is one of the pioneering companies that have focused on customers’ need for connectivi­ty with its Miele@home feature. Miele recognises the need for customers to multitask efficientl­y. The Miele@mobile smartphone app for example, allows stay-home parents to keep an eye on the roast in the oven via camera, while engaging with the children in the living room, and simultaneo­usly receiving notificati­ons when your dishwasher is ready. “Miele has believed in this connection for over 15 years now, having been the first domestic appliance company in the industry to offer connected appliances via innovative technologi­es, which have always been at the centre of our competenci­es - enabling our customers to stay flexible and guaranteei­ng convenienc­e, quality, and safety for specific lifestyle needs,” says Syndy Neo-khoo, Managing Director of Miele Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Echoing the importance of customers’ lifestyles and the demands of a multitaski­ng society, Angeline Yap, Managing Opposite page: Miele appliances highlight trending natural colours, such as soft greys, white marble and black. 61 epicureasi­a.com

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