Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01



BOOSTING NUTRITION THE LUXE FACTOR The ongoing Covid-19 situation has led government­s to enforce community lock-downs, and home cooks – as well as recent converts – have found renewed passion in cooking meals for their families. In Singapore, there has been a shortage of baking products in stores due to the surge in high demand. It has also spurred consumers to be wiser about grocery shopping and to question the source of the produce and the quality of their nutritiona­l value. Rightly so, they are also looking for more effective ways of keeping food fresh and healthier ways of cooking with appliances that boast the right functions. “We are able to respond valuably to these trends with our appliances, such as our steam ovens and vacuum drawers. Compared to traditiona­l pans, steaming in combinatio­n with sousvide cooking, enables more convenient food preparatio­n, without any grease, with a healthier result,” says Miele’s Neo-khoo. For keeping produce as fresh as possible, Liebherr developed the patented “Bio-fresh” vegetable drawers which are now widely used in the industry as they provide ideal storage conditions for fresh produce. Another innovation is its new “seafood safe” which mimics the conditions of a fish market where fish lies on a layer of ice. “This kind of new technology keeps the market-fresh taste of food, preserves the nutrients and also helps to avoid food wastage since it doesn’t get easily spoilt in these perfect storage conditions,” says Glückler. “With the rise of open-concept homes, the contempora­ry kitchen is now often the centrepiec­e of the interior. The design should be a harmonious combinatio­n of exquisite details and fine finishing. Built-in appliances, such as premium flat design ovens and dishwasher­s should blend in seamlessly with the visual style of the kitchen, just like furniture,” says Yap from V-ZUG. “The Konmari method has definitely influenced the way our customers design their kitchens. Customers want to only showcase cherished cookware and prized appliances that elevate their kitchen,” she adds. Li from Kitchen Culture shares that the natural stone look is becoming popular. “It is common to find laminates that mimic natural marble such as Statuario. Even quartz tops are also following this trend. Our Eggersmann kitchens are the ultimate in luxury kitchens using natural stone finishes, using specially selected natural stone as a singular material for all visible surfaces, resulting in a monolithic impression. The attention to detail is evident: front and side panels, handle profiles, worktop surfaces are made with just one identical material, all engineered to perfection.” He added that kitchens look luxurious when quality materials such as enamel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and black chrome are accentuate­d in the details. Miele’s Neo-khoo added that high-quality materials, innovative technology and an outstandin­g appearance are of the essence for luxury domestic appliances. 62 epicureasi­a.com

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