Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01



MY MOST MEMORABLE DISHES Homemade raviolis because they remind me of the lady that taught me how to cook, my grandmothe­r Josephine Liberato. She spent so much time explaining dishes to me, but what amazed me most was how happy she made everyone else. Twice-baked potato was something I made thousands of in my early chef days in the mid ’90s. I swore to myself I would never make another but just recently cooked it for my kids and they loved it. I appreciate it now because I’ve come so far in my career since then. Blue claw crabs with spaghetti is something I would have every August in New Jersey with my family at my beach house. We would catch the crabs, make the pasta and eat it together as a family. Some of the best times of my life with my family. Now I’m recreating that for my kids and wife. Nick Liberato is a worldrenow­ned restaurate­ur and executive producer on Restaurant­s on the Edge, now in its second season on Netflix. Together with his team Chef Dennis The Prescott, and interior designer Karin Bohn, they travel around the world to transform restaurant­s and the owners’ mindsets on what it takes to have a successful business. 75 epicureasi­a.com

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