Epicure (Indonesia) : 2020-08-01

FOOD TALK : 79 : 77


FOOD TALK HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO With so many mind-boggling food choices and infinite nutritiona­l advice afoot, Priyanka Elhence thinks that maybe going old-school conservati­ve might be the best way to eat. its production, compared to that of cow’s milk. Hard to argue with those numbers, especially if you consider the amount of fibre and protein that oat milk brings to the table too. Fads come and go. Remember the kale bandwagon a few years ago? Suddenly nothing else measured up against this green leafy superfood. Fast forward a year or so, and no one is going out of their way anymore to buy kale. Then came the infatuatio­n with chia seeds, flaxseeds and acai berries. Same trend with diets. Here one day, not so shiny the next. All this then leads to the eternal question - what should we be eating? Nutritiona­l science is complicate­d to say the least. It’s no wonder really that everyone’s waistlines (or perhaps it’s just mine) are slowly but surely expanding to make sure we feed our bodies every single superfood possible, while eating all the colours of the rainbow too, because you know, no one single food guarantees health. At times like this, I hark back to the old cliché - moderation. Eat everything in moderation. Eat healthy but also leave space for junk. Balance out something not so healthy at one meal with something healthier at the next. Throw in a couple of nuts and seeds in your overnight oats to balance out the greasy pizza from the night before. Making small and simple healthy additions to our diets is much easier and certainly more sustainabl­e than just jumping from one fad to another. Have your cake and eat it too – just one slice at a time, and not all in one go. Bon appétit! 77 epicureasi­a.com

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