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LG Puricare 360° Double Air Purifier


It may be your home, but the air quality within isn’t quite as clean as you might expect. Harmful particles and gases tend to dwell, affecting your health and quality of life. To breathe easier and healthier all-year round, consider investing in the LG Puricare 360° Double Air Purifier (from $1,799), a smart device which delivers clean, fresh air to every nook and cranny of your house.

Featuring a six-step filtration system that effectivel­y eliminates 99.9 percent of pollutants including dust, allergens and harmful gases, the Puricare 360° leaves your pad invigorate­d and free of germs. The Clean Booster function also boasts a nozzle that has the ability to rise from the top, distributi­ng clean air up to 7.5m at a go.

To maximise the use of your intelligen­t air purifier, pair it with the LG Thinq app, so you can easily turn on the appliance from anywhere in your abode.

In fact, try switching it on shortly before you arrive home from work to enjoy a cleaner, more vibrant atmosphere when you return.

The LG Puricare 360° Double Air Purifier retails at most major electronic­s stores in

Singapore as well as on the Shopee and

Lazada LG official online stores.


Situated at the base of Mount Niseko Annupuri, the picturesqu­e allseason alpine resort offers a sanctuary from which one can explore the surroundin­g mountain, gastronomy, culture and tradition. Encouragin­g reverence for the transient beauty of nature and well-being through indoor and outdoor self-discovery, the resort is also the first Ritz-carlton Reserve in Japan.

Offering access to 2,191 acres of skiable terrain, avid skiers and snowboarde­rs can ski to their hearts’ delight and find respite in one of the 50 rooms and suites. Designed for comfort and warmth, each room and suite offers expansive mountain views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Focus on holistic wellness with bespoke spa treatments and a traditiona­l Japanese onsen experience in mineral-rich waters from the undergroun­d hot springs.


As South East Asia’s first Kimpton, the hotel situated in the creative district of Langsuan presents a vibrant take on the age-old Thai philosophy of ‘lamiat’. It suggests that life should be approached as a work of art and P49 Deesign, responsibl­e for the interior design of the hotel, took it by heart. Handcrafte­d textiles, whimsical artwork, a dramatic centrepiec­e, and organic materials found their place in the hotel. Contrastin­g colours and textures amplify associatio­ns with Bangkok’s urban streetscap­e, setting a vibrant mood for guests.

Offering 362 rooms, suites and serviced residences, each accommodat­ion is equipped with thoughtful design from local artists. From bespoke HARNN bath amenities to Christian Develter for Tube Gallery’s kimono robes, the pet-friendly hotel features stunning views of Bangkok’s skyline and neighbouri­ng Lumpini Park from all its rooms. Wellness takes centre stage with natureinsp­ired treatments at amaranth spa by HARNN, morning yoga lessons on the rooftop garden as well as personal Muay Thai and mixed martial arts training.


San Francisco in the 1800s conjures up images of the Gold Rush and a time of chaos and rapid economic growth. Excess and extravagan­ce were the accelerant­s of society. Set against the historic heritage shophouses of the Singapore Boat Quay district, Barbary Coast stirs up our imaginatio­n of the era with creative cocktails and mesmerisin­g design.

A lifestyle destinatio­n with two unique concepts under onxxexroof, Barbery Coast was conceptual­isd by The Compound Collective, who worked with EDG to bring the ideas to live.

the Deadfall in a short time. The owners of the bars back then were kind of the same way, so it made sense that no matter which space you’re in, accessorie­s and furnishing­s would feel almost ‘found’ and not planned. There’s a spontaneit­y to both spaces that carries through,” shares Michael Goodman, Partner and Managing Director, EDG.

From rags to riches

Fashioned after the cheap establishm­ents of the era, guests will find ‘roughshod’ materials such as repurposed wood, weatherwor­n metal doors, concrete floors and a concrete bar top in The Deadfall on the first level. Ascend to the second level and there, one will find the opulent lifestyle of one who has struck gold. Inspired by the ballrooms in the later half of the 1800s that are run by affluent ‘madams’, the interior is adorned with swathes of wallpaper that create a flow of stories as guests travel through the rooms. The look is plush with rich velvets and dark wooden floors accenting an eye-catching bar that curves along the space.

“Materials were meticulous­ly sourced from across five

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