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Indulge guilt-free in Melati, a sweetener-free, vegan, non-alcoholic aperitif, at only 12 calories per serve. Lorin Winata, founder of Melati Drinks, a Singapore-founded non-alcoholic aperitif company, has worked with an Ayurvedic specialist and food scientist to create the aperitif, inspired by traditiona­l Asian medicinal remedies using herbs and botanicals. “Melati’s first product the Classic, is handcrafte­d from 26 healing botanicals selected for their mood boosting, antioxidan­t and detoxifyin­g compounds which help liver detox, increase blood flow, spark digestion and support general wellbeing,” says Winata. Each botanical is individual­ly treated via traditiona­l cold-extraction for up to six weeks to extract maximum benefits, before being carefully hand-blended locally. The botanicals used include goji berry, hibiscus, raw cacao, chokeberry, ginger, star anise, sencha, red kampot pepper and cinnamon, resulting in a refreshing­ly fruity note, with a floral nose and spicy undertones. melatidrin­ks.com

Takashi Murakami is the latest in the stellar line-up of renowned artistes to design the PERRIER® bottle. The PERRIER® X Murakami collaborat­ion highlights two premium Limited-edition PERRIER® screen-printed original artworks by Murakami. Murakami’s signature smiling flowers will bring an extra pop of colour and joy to the iconic green PERRIER® 33cl and 75cl bottles. The 33cl bottle will also feature Murakami’s beloved characters, Kaikai and Kiki. The premium limited-edition bottles are available at Hoshino Coffee and Café Coco while the standard PERRIER® x Murakami Original range will be available at major supermarke­ts and selected cafes and restaurant­s. www.perrier.sg

Singapore’s first alcohol-free bottle shop, Free Spirit, was launched in October 2020 with a simple mission to provide health-conscious consumers with alcohol-free alternativ­e tipples that are as low as possible in sugar and additives. The store’s carefully curated online selection of alcohol-free beers, wines, champagnes, spirits and mixers is specifical­ly taste-tested by founders Rebecca Forwood, owner of The Fishwives, and Emma Pike, owner of Farmer’s Market. And we love the lack of calories too that come with embracing the lower alcohol lifestyle. For instance, the Noughty sparkling alcoholfre­e chardonnay is just 14 calories per 100ml glass or 105 calories per bottle, while a typical sparkling wine contains only between 470-675 calories per bottle. www.freespirit.com.sg

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