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It doesn’t take long for this one-and-a-half-year-old modern steakhouse with Korean flair to take off.

Apart from the exceptiona­l premium cuts, dry-aged steaks and curated wine cellar, loyal patrons are flocking in to have chef owner Joel Si Jin Lim taking care of their meat-y requests. The South-korean chef is no stranger to bovine refinery. Having trained under Wolfgang Puck’s Cut and in charge of the openings of Akira Back restaurant­s in Singapore, Jakarta and Dubai, Lim’s obsession with meat and deep reverence for Korean cuisine finds its place at SI JIN, his first venture.


“I’ve realised that as part of the F&B community, we are all in this together. Since day one of the pandemic, SI JIN has decided to fight back, remain positive and creative. We had to adapt while taking care of our families, guests and supporting our local suppliers, producers and farmers. We went the extra miles – upgrading to HEPA air filters, using a thermal scanner, installed a touch-free and motion detection door, provided sealed cutlery and napkin pouch, daily sanitation, and even regular PCR tests. Despite the limitation and restrictio­n, we are fortunate to have full support from our guests. I am grateful because their support enables us to keep moving forward.”


“Guests come for our curated selection of meats from across the continents. From convention­al to the rarest cuts, we grill and serve it to the guests’ liking on their tables. Our latest gem is A5 Kuroge Washu Wagyu Beef from Hokkaido. At the moment, we have Sumatran Wagyu on the menu, highlighti­ng the quality of local produce. We also work closely with local farmers to get the freshest produce, be it vegetable or sea salt.”


“This pandemic undeniably changes the way food is prepared and consumed. I’ve learned that people are rooting for their local businesses. Our guests are willing to go out of their way to support such as ordering beef from us. Eventually, we will find a solution to end this pandemic. Until then, we must keep our heads up high, provide top-quality food and dining experience for our guests and support each other in the F&B community.”

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