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Mural is the powerhouse best known as the first Indian executive chef to score a Michelin star for (the now shuttered) Song of India in 2016, a first for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia (Singapore). In November 2020, Mural opened his casual, 70-seater Indian restaurant Adda, serving soulful Neo-indian traditiona­l street food with contempora­ry twists and infusion of local flavours.


“Chefs have to embody new innovative ideas according to the changing times. The only thing chefs have in their control is their menu, their passion and how they motivate their team.

The menu can be regularly updated to accommodat­e new trends and expectatio­ns without compromisi­ng on the chef ’s quality and reputation.”


“There is no limit to innovation and reinventio­n when a passionate chef decides to do something different. Having the courage to think out-of-the-box with confidence is the key to new creations. My cooking style has changed so much. I used to be a traditiona­l Indian cuisine chef, but now, I am equally confident in fine dining too. Winning a Michelin star has given me the confidence to venture into different projects such as Gunpowder Kitchen and Bar in Jakarta; and Hirtij in Brisbane, along with what used to be many travelling opportunit­ies to promote Indian cuisine with a touch of local flavours. I’m not afraid to try new things now.”


“The future of Indian cuisine is very bright. I will continue to do new things, but at the same time I will create a very fine dining Indian restaurant experience too.”

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