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Founded in 2013, Cuca’s playful tapas, inventive dishes and cocktails have made the restaurant a mustvisit culinary destinatio­n in Bali. Led by Kevin Cherkas, an El Bulli and Arzak alumni, Cuca’s appeal lies in its eclectic global flavours, dedication towards using local produce and a casual approach to the dining experience. Those who have tried dishes such as Bali Breakfast, Cotton Betutu or BBQ Octopus would recognise Cherkas’s flair in evoking memorable moments through flavour.


“Being on a tourist island without tourists has not been easy. We were closed for eight months and have only reopened lately on weekends. We have been very lucky that we’ve had so many good years to weather this crisis and take care of our team. So, the plan for now is to take the time to look at everything we do and simply become better.”


“We found that doing the same thing as we’ve done before simply doesn’t work. So, we reevaluate­d the landscape and tried to understand why people came to Cuca. We went through the painstakin­g process to make something new, something that you can’t find anywhere else. Since we can’t travel at the moment, the new menu is inspired by trips and memories of flavours from places like Japan, Greece, France, and Mexico. One of our new dishes, Beef Bone & Marrow is inspired by Taipei’s famous night market snack.”


“We must get better every day, so when things slowly go back to normal, guests will find Cuca at its best. We have a new signature Hot Sauce.

Cuca will also travel to other cities in Indonesia. There are exciting brunches to be had at our restaurant. This whole situation is like the monsoon season. When it starts to rain, at first you wait it out. But, the rain goes on and you must get on with it. We’ve accepted the rain, and are ready to work and get a little wet!”

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