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“Vivant combines two of my biggest passions, technology and wine, so it is a joy each day to think about how we can make the platform and content even more inspiring and engaging. We have invested heavily to create a sophistica­ted platform for Live Experience­s where participan­ts interact and engage with the environmen­t, not just watch a masterclas­s,“shares Michael Baum.

“Our overarchin­g mission at Vivant is to accelerate the wine world’s transition to a sustainabl­e future by amplifying responsibl­e winemakers’ voices. We show our members that naturally produced wines taste better (as has been proven in blind tastings), and we are building a global wine community committed to a better way,” he continues.

Their goals are not for Vivant, per se, but the industry and the planet as a whole. One percent of all membership fees and wine purchases help fund innovative new ideas and research positively impacting a sustainabl­e future for wine through Vivant’s initiative 1% For Wine. “By 2030, we hope that at least 10% of the world’s wine is being produced responsibl­y. We will continue to reach out to winemakers worldwide to share more about what they do and ask them to take the Vivant pledge. We also hope to continue to grow our community of responsibl­e wine drinkers, who can use the platform to further their knowledge and make more informed choices when selecting wines.”

“We are looking at a variety of projects that will help winemakers farm more naturally. For example, utilising plant-based products to control mildew (a major problem in grape growing) versus systemic chemicals or heavy metals like copper and sulfur. Genetic analysis is another fascinatin­g field. Understand­ing the genetic makeup of the microbial life in your soil can really help you understand everything from the best rootstocks to plant to the best amendments to use.”

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