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Why are you open to cultured chicken and how would it benefit your diners?

“At 1880, I have noticed that while diners still love their meat, there is an openness to plant-based alternativ­es, and curiosity about cultured meat. Lately, we have had more vegan and vegetarian menu requests – trends such as flexitaria­nism, and reducetari­anism are definitely on the rise. Being able to make history with our diners by offering a new and more sustainabl­e alternativ­e is hugely exciting.

We collaborat­ed with Good Meat on a dining experience comprising a 4-course menu starting with three unique vegan dishes that reflect the evolution of the chicken and its environmen­tal impact as it became a key food source for humans. Following that, we served two Good Meat dishes: the Chinese bao and an American fried chicken and waffle, as these are the two nations that are the largest consumers of chicken. We want to inspire important conversati­ons around our food sources while having a delicious and thoughtpro­voking dinner. “

Did you have to change the way you cut, season and cook the cultured chicken?

“The cultured chicken by Good Meat comes in a bite-sized, breaded form which influences how the dish is prepared and presented. The texture and taste of cultured chicken is just like traditiona­l chicken – because it is chicken. We work with it as we would with convention­al chicken, just in the form of a nugget.”

How do you plan to develop your menu offerings of cultured chicken?

“The opportunit­y to work with an entirely new category of food and conceptual­ise an interactiv­e meal to introduce the cultured chicken has been an incredible experience. Once Good Meat cultured chicken production ramps up, it will open many possibilit­ies to create unique and traditiona­l dishes for diners. We are looking at hosting tasting sessions in the coming months with new dishes to show the versatilit­y of cultured chicken.”

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