Capellini Prawns

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• Capellini pasta

• Kombu

• Chilli

• Jumbo prawns

• Olive oil

• Lime

• Chilli flakes

• Chives


1. Soak the kombu overnight in cold wa­ter. The next day drain the wa­ter and chop the kombu into small pieces.

2. Peel the prawns and set aside.

3. Cover the shells and heads in olive oil and chilli to taste. Heat the shells, heads and chilli slowly to around 80 de­grees and leave for 15 minutes to cool. Blend and strain to make a spicy prawn oil.

4. Boil the capellini pasta in salted wa­ter for about 2 minutes. 5. Take 2 ta­ble­spoons of the spicy prawn oil and heat in a fry­ing pan, adding 4 to 5 prawns per por­tion. Sautée un­til al­most cooked.

6. Add ½ ta­ble­spoon of kombu and a hand­ful of capellini and ar­range on the plate.

7. Fin­ish by top­ping with a big squeeze of lime, some chilli flakes and finely chopped chives.

8. Serve hot.

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