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• 250g yabbies

• 5l wa­ter

• 3g black pep­per­corns

• 5g co­rian­der seeds

• 2 bay leaves

• 1kg car­rots

• 1kg fen­nel

• 1kg brown onions

• 1kg gar­lic

• 1 bunch cel­ery

• 2tbs oil

Green dip­ping sauce

• 100g mint

• 100g basil

• 100g pars­ley • 10g di­jon mus­tard

• 10g an­chovies

• 10g ca­pers in brine

• 100g ice

• 2 poached eggs

• 500ml oil


1. Clean and wash all veg­eta­bles, medium dice, keep sep­a­rate.

2. Heat oil on medium high in a saucepan. Add car­rots, fen­nel, brown onions and cel­ery, sweat the veg­eta­bles un­til soft. 3. Add all other in­gre­di­ents ex­cept for the yabbies, bring to the boil and steep for 45 minutes.

4. Strain the mix­ture and bring back to the boil then cook the yabbies for 30 sec­onds be­fore plac­ing them into an ice bath. 5. Once the yabbies are cold, clean tail and re­move shell. Keep the head and claws on. Put on kitchen pa­per and set aside.

Green dip­ping sauce

1. Pick and blanch the herbs.

2. Put ev­ery­thing ex­cept for the oil in a blender, blend quickly on medium high speed, while slowly adding oil. Do not blend for too long or the purée will get warm and turn brown.

3. Strain the sauce over an ice bath by plac­ing a bowl on top of a bowl of ice to keep the sauce cool. Season with salt and lemon juice.

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