Smoked Duck Breast

Kluwek Beet­root

Exquisite Taste - - Up Close & Personal -


• 900g smoked duck breast • 150g red beet­root jelly • 150g kluwek purée

• 20 raw beet­root discs

• 300g foie gras ter­rine • 200g rasp­berry demi glace • red beet vinai­grette

Smoked Duck Breast

• 3 duck breasts

• 350g co­conut husk • 100g rice husk

Rasp­berry Demi Glace

• 250g beef stock

• 3 pcs gar­lic

• 20g smoked duck fat

• 20g olive oil

• 20g rasp­berry vine­gar • 1g fresh oregano

• salt

• white pep­per

Beet­root Jelly

• 200ml beet­root wa­ter

• 6g nu­trigel pow­der

• salt to taste

• black pep­per to taste

• 1 tsp rasp­berry vine­gar

Rasp­berry Vinai­grette

• 100g rasp­berry vine­gar • 30g olive oil

• 70g salad oil

• 4g salt

Kluwek Puree

• 200g kluwek peeled • 500ml sim­ple syrup • 9g rasp­berry vine­gar

Beet­root Sor­bet

• 1kg roasted beet root

• 1l wa­ter

• 700g glu­cose

• 60g sugar

• 400g rasp­ber­ries

• 50ml rasp­berry vine­gar • 16 gela­tine sheets


Beet­root jelly

1. Puree 150g cooked red beet­root and hang overnight over a bowl to gather the juice. Sea­son juice with rasp­berry vine­gar to taste. Mix in nu­trigel and bring to first boil. Let it set in a con­tainer at 1cm height. Once set cut into long strips.

Smoked Duck Breast

1. Place the duck breast in smoker and smoke for 15 min­utes. Cool then vac­uum pack and cook at 54C for 60 min­utes. Once ready, slice thinly and serve at room tem­per­a­ture.

Rasp­berry Vinai­grette

1. Place rasp­berry vine­gar and salt in a con­tainer and emul­sify with oil to reach may­on­naise con­sis­tency.

Kluwek Puree

1. Peel the kluwek. Sim­mer in sim­ple syrup for one hour. Strain and blend un­til smooth. Strain then add vine­gar.

Rasp­berry Demi Glace

1. Re­duce the beef juice with gar­lic and thyme un­til half re­mains, then strain. Add olive oil, duck fat, rasp­berry vine­gar, thyme and sea­son with salt and pep­per.

Red Beet Sor­bet

1. Blend the beets into a purée. Boil the wa­ter, glu­cose and sugar to­gether to first boil. Blend all in­gre­di­ents, adding pre-soaked gela­tine at the end. Churn in an ice cream ma­chine un­til set.


1. As­sem­ble all el­e­ments at room tem­per­a­ture (ex­cept the foie gras and beet­root sor­bet, which must be cold) on the plate and serve im­me­di­ately.

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