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Wo­ven tex­tiles are a very im­por­tant part of the Flori­nese cul­ture. Wo­ven cloths are avail­able all over Flo­res but the districts of Sikka and Ende have a long and rich his­tory in weav­ing tra­di­tion. The two pre­dom­i­nant styles of weav­ing in Flo­res are Ikat and Songket with Ikat means “to tie” in the In­done­sian lan­guage and refers to the weav­ing process as well as to the wo­ven prod­uct. The production of the ikat is a very de­mand­ing and time con­sum­ing process in­volv­ing a va­ri­ety of com­plex steps and pro­ce­dures. Ikat weav­ing style is wide­spread in East­ern Flo­res and as nu­mer­ous vil­lages still are pro­duc­ing ikat, there are many op­por­tu­ni­ties for vis­i­tors to see weavers work­ing on their mas­ter­pieces.

Songket weav­ing can be found in the Mang­garai and Ngada districts of Flo­res, with the main fea­ture of the weave be­ing an or­na­men­tal thread that is in­serted to the fab­ric.

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