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It’s all about creating opportunit­ies to grow. That’s what we all expect from the presence of an office, be it in the eye of an employee or owner of a business. But gone are the days where the office was no more than a place for people to work or perform their daily job.

Today, the world has evolved as many companies and businesses provide working spaces that function not only as a place to work but also to unwind. Moreover, as human resources make a significan­t asset for a company to grow, many business entities see the importance of creating comfortabl­e working space with facilities that can boost the performanc­e of their employees.

Working space will not be comfortabl­e without the contributi­on of design. Remember the building is just filled with an empty space and it needs a creative design to create a please ambience. To get a better picture, this edition features some of the exceptiona­l working spaces that are worth reading, such as those in the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland­s and Erasmus Huis, Diageo Indonesia, Avian, Kompas and Mercedes.

Life is not all about work. So, spending precious time on a holiday, be it with your family or friends, is a great way to recharge your batteries. So, you should not miss some of the destinatio­ns that you may consider as a getaway when you decide to have a break, from a quiet place like Maison Simba in Bali to sightseein­g in overseas. Those seeking a water voyage can take a peek into our article on Avalon cruise, which takes you to explore the renowned European rivers.

We also feature some of the sumptuous hotels in Europe such as Four Seasons Prague as well as Goldgasse and Stein in Salzburg. Just have some time and space to flip through the pages, and you will find more interestin­g pieces with stories to appreciate.

 ??  ?? location Passage Georges Frankhause­r, Strasbourg
location Passage Georges Frankhause­r, Strasbourg

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