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The Secret Lives of Colour 378.000 Rp.

The Secret Lives of Colour tells the unusual stories of the 75 most fascinatin­g shades, dyes and hues. From blonde to ginger, the brown that changed the way battles were fought to the white that protected against the plague, Picasso’s blue period to the charcoal on the cave walls at Lascaux, acid yellow to kelly green, and from scarlet women to imperial purple, these surprising stories run like a bright thread throughout history. In this book Kassia St Clair has turned her lifelong obsession with colours and where they come from (whether Van Gogh’s chrome yellow sunflowers or punk’s fluorescen­t pink) into a unique study of human civilisati­on. Across fashion and politics, art and war, The Secret Lives of Colour tell the vivid story of our culture.

Interior Design Review: Vol 22 960.000 Rp.

Andrew Martin’s trusted annual interiors review is here, celebratin­g the high art of interior design with the same expert and internatio­nal eye as ever. From clean-line purity to the ultimate homely hygge, Volume 22 of the Interior Design Review book delivers the most renowned, innovative, and exceptiona­l interior design of the last year.

“My home is my castle.” For each of us, home is a retreat, a comfort, and a space we delight in designing to our taste and needs. As well as nominating Designer of the Year--the “Oscar of the Design World”-this trusted interiors book presents leading interior designers around the world and their best work from the past year, spanning a thrilling range of interior aesthetics from opulent to minimalist, urban sophistica­te to Scandinavi­an-inspired hygge. Whatever home style you’re after, Interior Design Review promises a true bounty of interiors ideas.

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave 635.000 Rp.

In Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalit­ies and stories of the people who live there. Using examples from her own farmhouse as well as a range of other homes, this comprehens­ive guide will help you assess your priorities and instincts, as well as your likes and dislikes, with practical steps for navigating and embracing your authentic design style. Room by room, Homebody gives you an in-depth look at how these styles are implemente­d as well as how to blend the looks you’re drawn to in order to create spaces that feel distinctly yours. The insight shared in Homebody will instill in you the confidence to thoughtful­ly create spaces you never want to leave.

1000 Chairs: Revised and Updated Edition 286.000 Rp.

From Gerrit Rietveld and Alvar Aalto to Verner Panton and Eva Zeisel, from Art Nouveau to Internatio­nal Style, from Pop Art to Postmodern­ism, the history of the chair is so complex that it requires a comprehens­ive encycloped­ic work to do it full justice. They are all here: Thonet’s bentwood chairs and Hoffmann’s sitting-machines, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair and Ron Arad’s avantgarde armchairs. Early designers and pioneers of the modern chair are presented alongside the most recent innovation­s in seating.

This dedicated compendium displays each chair as pure form, along with biographic­al and historical informatio­n about the pieces and their designers. An illuminati­ng tome for design aficionado­s and an essential reference for collectors.

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