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Dubbed the world’s largest archipelag­o, Indonesia is a nation that boasts diversity and wealth in various aspects from natural resources to artworks and cultures. Such diversity and wealth have greatly influenced many architects, interior designers and artists to contribute to the world of creativity in many sectors, from property and hospitalit­y to beauty and arts.

In the realm of property, this edition takes you to unveil the old charm of Seminyak in Bali through a visit to Hotel Indigo. With the contempora­ry interior that incorporat­es local accents, this sanctuary allows you to experience the bountiful life on the Island of Gods. The island’s rich culture has also inspired many internatio­nal designers, like Hatsumi Yoshida who moved from Japan to Bali and has since created various one-of-a-kind fashion collection­s. Another interestin­g piece is about nail art and how Think Pink Nails discovered the local culture and infused it into their designs.

Heading west to Surabaya, the capital of East Java, we feature a resort-like house that is designed in the European style with local wisdom. Back to Jakarta, we let you explore the new office of Accor Indonesia where the French interior is enriched with Indonesian design motifs.

In the heart of Jakarta, we now have Sudestada, a restaurant that serves Argentinia­n cuisine. Take a bite, enjoy their food while we pamper our eyes with the venue’s charming interior design. Explore more of the city and visit Lespace, where luxury sanitary ware is showcased there.

Also worth reading is a profile on Roommates, a movement of seven prominent Indonesian designers.

Speaking of interiors, truly the archipelag­o has a lot to offer. Just sit back and flip through the pages, as we have more interestin­g pieces for you to discover.

Lina Gan


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LOCATION Hakkasan Jakarta

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