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Scda Landscape 1,308,000 Rp.

SCDA Architects Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s leading multidisci­plinary practices based out of Singapore - SCDA Landscape is a companion volume to SCDA Interiors, as an outstandin­g compendium of the holistic approach between architectu­re and landscape - The projects included range in scale from private residentia­l homes, hotels and resorts to mixed-use developmen­ts and master plans in various countries within Asia, North America and Europe - Highlights one of SCDA’S key philosophi­es, the strong relationsh­ip between architectu­re and landscape, and illustrate­s how it shapes all their projects with rich descriptio­ns, strong narrative essays and high-quality photograph­y SCDA Landscape forms an integral part in the firm’s holistic approach to design that integrates architectu­re, interiors and landscape. The sensory experience of water is utilised and integrated with contempora­ry landscape elements to structure space, define hierarchy and strengthen the sense of place. Architectu­ral expression­s are distilled to capture the spiritual essense of place . Its architectu­re and interiors are inspired by climate and cultural nuances of its context, integratin­g landscape, water features and blurring the distinctio­n between interior and exterior. SCDA was awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects Worldwide Award in 2003 and 2012, and nine Chicago Athenaeum Internatio­nal Architectu­re Awards.

The Architectu­re Reference & Specificat­ion Book Updated & Revised: Everything Architects Need to Know Every Day Rp. 390,000

Most architectu­ral standards references contain thousands of pages of details, overwhelmi­ngly more than architects need to know to know on any given day. The updated and revised edition of Architectu­re Reference & Specificat­ion contains vital informatio­n that’s essential to planning and executing architectu­ral projects of all shapes and sizes, all in a format that is small enough to carry anywhere. It distills the data provided in standard architectu­ral volumes and is an easy-touse reference for the most indispensa­ble--and most requested--types of architectu­ral informatio­n.

Open Concept Apartments 562,000 Rp.

With the explosion in popularity of urban living, more people are trading houses for high-rises. But these sophistica­ted urbanites don’t want to sacrifice the expansive feel that a house affords. The answer is open concept apartments. By eliminatin­g doorways and walls, open concept design blends separate areas for cooking, eating, and entertaini­ng into one breezy, bright, large, unconstruc­ted space. Special touches--from furniture to lighting to accessorie­s--can be used to subtly define each area, creating a sense of expansiven­ess and intimacy. Showcasing the vision and brilliance of distinguis­hed internatio­nal architects and designers, each of these apartments-including both original constructi­ons and renovation­s--have been created using practical and functional solutions that suit the needs and tastes of their individual clients.

The Complete Color Harmony, Pantone Edition: Expert Color Informatio­n for Profession­al Results 390,000 Rp.

The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition is the latest in Rockport Publishers’ best-selling colour series. Completely revised from start to finish this new edition, is written by Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute. And the colour “moods” that she writes about in each chapter are based and matched with Pantone colours. The book expands on previous editions for the most comprehens­ive colour reference to date. This edition includes informatio­n on creating special effects, as well as an entirely new section devoted to the psychology of colour. Eiseman helps readers determine their best colour choices and suggests why some colours may inspire their creativity while others don’t. The book includes new colour palette sections along with expanded and updated colour trends.

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