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- ST ORY BY Vira Tanka P HOT OS BY Bagus Tri Laksono, Studio Dasar

Danny Wicaksono is an architect who is also known for his writing and curatorial works. He started an architectu­re journal called “Jong Arsitek!” in 2008. Last year, he had his hands full with “Prihal” and Bintaro Design District 2019, where he was one of the curators. Other than that and being listed as a critic in the Internatio­nal Committee of Architectu­ral Critics, Danny still has more on his plate.

Danny graduated from Trisakti University in 2006. Afterwards he spent about four years working at Mamostudio and andramatin. “I saw architectu­re as an independen­t skill. I could express my ideas independen­tly,” Danny explained about why he was interested in architectu­re. “Along the journey I learnt that to actually realise my ideas I need to work with other parties. Later on I was interested in urban areas too. As a citizen I have a responsibi­lity to think about the environmen­t and how I can contribute to do something useful to the society,” he added. In 2008 he co-founded “Jong Arsitek!” journal. It was created to provoke critical thinking among our readers, aside from providing an alternativ­e reference for architectu­re students. However, the journal has not been active since 2014 due to the founders’ busyness with other activities. In 2013 Danny finally founded his own architectu­re firm, Studio Dasar. Its projects include Anjung Salihara and Dej Café in South Jakarta, Anyar Market and Jatibening House in Bekasi. Amidst architectu­ral projects, he has ongoing research about small towns of Indonesia. “I want to see what can be done to make a better living experience. Indonesia has about 540 towns, but Jakarta almost always becomes everyone’s focus,” he said. The deeper he dug, the more he realised how little he knows about the architectu­re of Indonesian towns. Always thinking critically, he also thinks that textbooks and lectures should cover more about Indonesian ethnic architectu­re, so that we know where it stands in the developmen­t of Indonesian architectu­re.

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