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- ST ORY BY Vira Tanka P HOT OS BY Andreas Perbowo W

Three boxy buildings lined up by a small street, with different sizes and designs but similar style. It was Atelier Riri’s installati­on for Bintaro Design District 2019, called (Re)pods. The pods designed with modular system that they’ve developed, which can save budget and leaves less material waste.

The three buildings were built with prefabrica­ted materials, which Atelier Riri has used for their installati­on in BDD 2018. Last year they developed a modular system using the material in a more comprehens­ive concept, called ARSIFAB, and was launched at the exhibition. The modular system of ARSIFAB makes it easier, faster and cheaper compared to building a convention­al house. On the newly launched website,, they provide design options based on the general people’s needs, as well as the estimated land space and budget needed. This sure makes design process more efficient than it usually is. The unit design was represente­d by (Re)pods installati­on. These three pods show you the possibilit­y of different unit typologies where the prefab material can be implemente­d. They were (Re)sidence, (Re)tail and (Re)sort. Each one was derived from modular boxes, laid out accordingl­y to the needs of living space. In (Re)sidence there is a bedroom area, a kitchen and a seating area. To make the space seem larger, the glass wall does the trick. (Re)tail consists of prep area, storage and counter, with added (Re)stools made of three plywoods with cutting layout to minimise the waste. (Re)sort explores the possibilit­y of having two levels framework with mix applicatio­n of materials and the stairs outside to maximise the indoor space.

Among the materials and appliances used were from LIXIL, including the INAX Ecocarat interior wall tiles and Acacia E collection from American Standard. With this modular system and design, Atelier Riri shows how good design can be inclusive in a way that it helps people from any class to realise their dream of owning a house. After all, Atelier Riri believes that good design should not be a privilege, but a pleasure for everyone to enjoy.

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06 (Re)pods at BDD 2019 06
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01,03 & 05 (Re)sidence
03 01,03 & 05 (Re)sidence
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04 (Re)tail 04
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02 (Re)sort
02 02 (Re)sort
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